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Sonja A

Feb 13, 2023

“I was really nervous about buying an area rug online, I am not good at styling! I used Miss Amara’s tool that you upload a photo of your room and try different rugs, it really helped narrow down the choices. I really love it. Thanks Miss Amara.”

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Shona B

May 16, 2023

"Rugs are beautiful, mega soft and awesome designs, but what really makes the difference is the customer service. Would purchase here again over all other rug places."

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Sandy G

May 2, 2023

“The team at Miss Amara are always amazing to deal with. Delivery is quick, and I love that they send you updates on the status of your order.”

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Rugs For Your Space: Trends And Tips For The Ultimate Transformation

Choosing the right rugs is a step towards delightful design decisions. 

With Miss Amara, you can take a look at today’s colour and texture trends and apply them to your overall decor theme. Afterwards, you can establish the ever-evolving look and style you want! 

Reimagine your home with rugs

Transforming spaces with a twist

Ever felt like your room was just one rug away from perfection? Don’t worry – we get it. 

The thrill of finding that one piece is real, and we’re here to help you choose an option that ties everything together. Who knows, you might even consider a couple of rugs for different spaces in your home, transforming the ambience with some roll-outs.

Staying on top of style

When it comes to the latest home decor trends in rugs, keeping your finger on the pulse is key. Luckily, we have a diverse range of choices you can explore. Whether you’re keen on discovering different options or on the lookout for something a little more specific, our full rug collection is here for you.

Understanding colour trends in rugs

Rise of neutrals

Trends reveal a subtle shift towards neutral and light colours as they breathe life into the minimalist, coastal aesthetic many are drawn to. This not only offers a fresh, contemporary look but also brings out the spaciousness of seemingly standard-sized rooms. 

So, with that, you can get started with low-pile beige rugs. These pieces can perfectly complement this airy vibe and the latest texture trends in rugs. 

The subtle charm of greys

With greyed-off hues, you’re building a quiet but impactful appearance that allows for a gentle evolution of space – all without the need for bold colour statements. Grey rugs and even pastel blue rugs show just how these hues can smoothly blend into various settings, providing a subtle backdrop that enhances, rather than overwhelms, a room’s character. 

Earthy tones taking the lead

There’s also been a shift towards natural tones – think light browns, tans, and taupe. These rugs express a desire for warmth and grounding in our living spaces, mirroring the natural world outside our doors. 

That’s why, for those drawn to this earthy palette, outdoor rugs offer a demonstration of how these tones can foster an inviting, nature-inspired aesthetic.

Applying home decor trends

Crafting serenity

Many homeowners are embracing tranquillity, aiming for a simple space that still evokes a sense of luxury and elegance. By integrating green, brass, and wood elements into furniture and accents, they achieve an uncluttered look that’s both calming and chic. 

A recent survey has even shown that more and more people are starting to prefer natural tones and light, bright themes – a distinct transition from the darker, more saturated hues of two years ago. 

Rounding it out with rugs

Now, going alongside all the decor, the right rug ties together the serene, nature-inspired motif of a room. No matter if you’re looking for living room rugs or perhaps bedroom floor rugs, you’ll be delighted to know that Miss Amara can bring you plenty of inspiration through a range of pieces.

Ideas for your interior

Looks and styles with rugs

With today’s trends, organic modern, Scandi, and contemporary interior looks fit seamlessly. 

  • Organic modern rugs. Uses a neutral colour palette with earthy tones for a warm and inviting atmosphere. These modern rugs are usually minimalist, focusing on simplicity and functionality.
  • Scandi rugs. Features a light, muted colour palette with white, grey, and pastels dominating. Scandinavian rugs make for a clutter-free space with an open and airy interior.
  • Contemporary rugs. Embraces clean, sleek lines and smooth surfaces with no loud details or designs. Here, there are usually geometric shapes with a focus on contrasting components. 

Showcasing earthy neutrals, soft greys, and clean designs, these styles create environments that are both welcoming and stylish – all without the burst of bold colours. 

Whether you’re updating your living space or starting fresh, these rugs provide the finishing flourish that gives your space a cohesive and cosy feel. There are even easy-wash, low-maintenance, pet-friendly, and sustainable rugs to suit your specific needs!

A peek at future trends

Small details, big impact

Excitingly enough, home decor develops, and this gives us the opportunity to unleash our creativity. 

These days, it’s about peppering your space with smaller touches, using subtle accents like rugs to bring the room to life. Plus, more people are also combining looks like Scandi and contemporary for a unique style that stays trendy. This is why it can be incredibly fun and rewarding to check out new rugs to see interesting innovations. 

After all, taking your preferred aspects out of all the looks can help you personalise your space further.

Your dream rug awaits

Where to get started

If you don’t know where to start for style, then you can consider some practical picks. 

Whatever trend you choose to follow, remember that you can’t really go wrong with elegant washable rugs in high-foot-traffic areas. This even includes pieces from the Tumblelux collection, especially since their quality is never at the price of style. 

Refresh and redefine with rugs

With Miss Amara, remember that you can easily explore our collections for trendy, stylish, and, of course, practical rugs. Here, you can keep paws happy with durable, pet-friendly rugs. You can also enjoy snack time prep a little more with easy-to-clean kitchen rugs

Miss Amara has been revolutionising the online shopping process and, with it, the way people redefine their personal space with rugs. As a partner in design and decor, we want to make the experience of buying rugs online simple, enjoyable, and tailored. 

We also understand that you might want some more styling tips, and that’s why we have blogs you can gain insight or inspiration from. Best of all, we have a free styling service, so you can have an even easier time shopping for your dream rugs.

Find your perfect rug today!