If you haven’t stumbled across @catja_em on the Gram, it’s about time you did! That’s where we started following Cat a few years ago and much to our excitement, she reached out to us for styling advice on rugs for her bedroom.

Fast forward to today, we are proud to see that Cat has a Miss Amara rug in all of her rooms. We love her sophisticated style and her use of neutral hues to create warm inviting home - and we’re thrilled to be featuring this gorgeous friend as our June #stylecrush!

Cat also happens to be the QUEEN of styling kid’s spaces. Don’t take our word for it - did we mention she was featured in none other than THE New York Times?! 

Cat has a special knack of balancing her own style with more fun and playful kid’s styling in a way that us adults can drool over - and we’re about to find out just how she does it.

June 19, 2019 by Tamara Harris