Our Story



Hi! I’m Amie and he’s Aaron.

We are a brother and sister team.

Recently, we both left our jobs in IT and marketing and realised we were both keen to apply what we’d learned in IT and marketing to something that wasn’t just IT and marketing.

When we realised we wanted the same thing, we thought, “how fabulous, after being brother and sister, friend and friend, our whole lives, now we get to be business partners too!”

HOW exactly we landed on an online rugs business is another story for another time but what we’re really keen to share is why we’re here and what we’re hoping to achieve.

We’ve had a good hard think about rugs and we think people aren’t buying them enough. OK, well that’s obvious, otherwise why would we be here. But really though.

A rug should be like a necklace or scarf, bought to complement, accent or update an outfit (or in this case a room) and changed often! In fact, a rug is more important than a fashion accessory because it inhabits the same living space as you do. Which means you see it everyday and that means it impacts how you feel everyday.

p.s. if you’re a renter, flat mate or live with your parents, we’re not letting you off the hook. What better way to make your little nook feel fabulous than to buy a rug!?

It’s possible we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know and if you’ve read this far, you’re more than likely saying, “yeah… so what?” We’re glad you asked! As rug shoppers in the past, we had been somewhat underwhelmed by the experience. So much so we had both given up on the whole thing. At one end you have big warehouses with the never ending closing down sale (what is with that!?) and more rugs than you know what to do with and at the other end… well it’s beautiful but well beyond the bounds of most people’s wallets. Definitely ours. Not to mention how hard it is to know what size, shape, colour, pattern, and so on, to buy!

So we’ve set ourselves a mission*. Yes it’s lofty. But it wouldn’t be a mission if it wasn’t. Our mission is to create an online shopping experience for rugs that will be so simple, stimulating & affordable that it will inspire you to update the look of your room all the time. 

For now, we’re keeping it very simple: 1) CURATE rugs we think you'll love.  2) CREATE a website that is straightforward: easy to browse, search and shop for a rug. 3) SHARE inspiration that excites and helps you feel confident in updating the look of your home.

To really improve, we need you! If there is something you wish you could do, a way you wished things were done or something you wished you could buy and ESPECIALLY if you think we could be doing something better, shout out! We’re all ears and we don’t bite (that would be a nice way to treat a customer, would it?)!

And on that note, adiós and hasta la vista (we hope!)

*We have a purpose too in case you’re interested: to stimulate the creation of living spaces that inspire happiness. It’s even loftier than our mission but that’s the idea ;)