Saturn Space Kids Rug

$167.00 - $261.00

SKU: saturn-165x115

You may have noticed we try to name most of rugs after cities and towns around the world. But try as we could, we could not come up with an earthly name that felt suitable for this un-earthly rug. Saturn (the rug that is) features, you guessed it, Saturn the planet. Or several ringed planets as it turns out. And a robot. And several human and alien spaceships. There could not possible be a more appropriate rug for a galaxy-loving little boy!

This rug is Australian-designed and hand-tufted with a super soft, super plush 2cm thick pile making it the perfect play matt.

100% Superior Japanese Acrylic Pile

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture China
Colour Blue
Pattern Novelty
Material Acrylic
Shape Rectangular