We offer stylish and comfy Australian designed rugs. From washable rugs to wool rugs, we have a rug for every space, in every home. Make a statement with a Miss Amara rug.

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Sonja A

Feb 13, 2023

“I was really nervous about buying an area rug online, I am not good at styling! I used Miss Amara’s tool that you upload a photo of your room and try different rugs, it really helped narrow down the choices. I really love it. Thanks Miss Amara.”

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Shona B

May 16, 2023

"Rugs are beautiful, mega soft and awesome designs, but what really makes the difference is the customer service. Would purchase here again over all other rug places."

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Sandy G

May 2, 2023

“The team at Miss Amara are always amazing to deal with. Delivery is quick, and I love that they send you updates on the status of your order.”

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Rugs Online

Our collection of rugs online includes a huge range of colours and designs perfect for anywhere in the home, office, studio, and other living spaces. Carefully curated by our stylists from the best weavers around the globe and constructed from the highest-quality materials, the Miss Amara collection of modern rugs boasts a stunning range for you to choose from. 

The materials we use include 100% organic jute and hemp blends, 100% recycled PET fibres, and the highest-grade New Zealand wool for our wool blend shag rugs, among others.

We have carefully chosen our designs and construction types to showcase a range of modern and traditional décor choices. We’re confident that we can help you to select the perfect rug for your living or working space. If you’re not quite sure where to start, then ask us for some free styling advice. We offer our interior design expertise free of charge and obligation.

What rug should I get?

Choosing the right rug means choosing one that’s tailored to your needs and personal preferences. 

Asking yourself these questions is a great starting point: in which room will you be placing the rug? Do you have a particular colour in mind? How much foot traffic are you expecting in the area? Are you prioritising design over practicality, or childproofing over pet-friendliness?

Our website’s virtual stylist helps you do this with our Rug Finder, which handpicks the perfect rug for you by analysing your answers to a few simple questions. 

The right size and shape

Different rug sizes allow you to be creative. 

Large rugs are a great way to divide open-plan living spaces and visually separate living rooms. Meanwhile, small round rugs in particular can help to introduce an intimate and homier feel to rooms like bedrooms and guest rooms. A dining room rug can mark out your eating and dining space, while lounge room rugs with complementary colours and designs can flow foot traffic effortlessly from space to space. 

Runner rugs are also a great way to bring a little life and colour to hallways and other narrow spaces around the home or office. A carpet mat of any size is not only a piece of décor for your home but is also an economical way to retain heat inside buildings and cut down on utility bills. They can also help to protect wooden flooring from scuffs and scratches or warm stone and other natural floors throughout the winter months. 

Delivering superior quality and a soft touch, the rugs we have online at Miss Amara are available in a range of sizes no matter how small or how large your bedroom is. 

The right fit for your lifestyle

Your lifestyle is a key determinant for the style and material of the rugs you place in your home. For instance, if you live with kids or pets who shed, it’s probably best to steer clear of high-pile rugs. If you’re looking to add a rug to a room where accidental spills or leaks often happen, then a stain-resistant rug may be ideal.  

For an amazing selection of kids rugs and pet-friendly rugs, then don’t go past our washable rugs. They are soft underfoot and can be hand washed or placed into a washing machine for a cycle. Alternatively, check out our wide selection of cosy cotton rugs, which are just as easy to clean and wash.

The right style and vibe

Choose from our range of green rugs and natural rugs to see whether your home could use a bit of natural styling to introduce some grounding, earthy and organic love into your living space. 

Another favourite for natural styles is our designer jute rugs, especially for warmer climates! We have rugs made with eco-friendly natural materials for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint while adding style to their home.

Our rugs online include the perfect piece for every room of the house. If you’re on the hunt for bedroom rugs, then you’ll love our range of traditionally inspired designs that incorporate lush and natural fibres like our wool blend. 

You can choose from our selection of contemporary rugs that feature modern twists, like our distressed and stone-washed effect which neutralises bold colours with soft white and grey hues. These are perfect for those who want to keep their home looking crisp, clean, and minimalist.

If you’re looking to introduce timeless vintage elegance into your home with a long-wearing and high-quality rug, our traditionally inspired designs are the perfect place to start. Choose from soft floral motifs, tribal designs and traditional medallion designs.

Our tribal-inspired designs marry black and ivory in bold and understated designs in a range of materials. Flatweave tribal rugs are the ideal design choice for Scandinavian-inspired styling, which strives to celebrate strong, modern lines and simple, clean finishes. 

Looking for something bolder? Our geometric rugs feature unique shapes, lines, and curves that come together beautifully, lending a chic, understated atmosphere to your living space.

How to style a room with a rug?

A large rug with a bold hue, for example, can completely alter the dominant colour in a room. On the other hand, a small, carefully-placed rug carves out a cosy corner in an otherwise undefined area, such as a breakfast nook or telephone table. 

Meanwhile, a unique rug shape, such as a long rug runner, also serves as a guide path to show guests their way around your home. 

Proper rug placement is key for designating and zoning spaces in your home, particularly in open-plan living areas. Busy areas such as living rooms and playrooms will need a soft space for feet to land. Strategic rug placement is also great for protecting your precious floors from scratches and scuff marks caused by heavy furniture and appliances. 

We recommend that any flatweave rug that you choose to be placed on a non-slip underlay to ensure secure placement. High-traffic areas like hallways, living spaces, dining spaces and offices should always be secured with non-slip carpet underlays for added protection. This not only ensures that there is no accidental slipping but will also help to protect the life of your flatweave rug.

Choosing the right rug made easy at Miss Amara

Unlike your traditional shopping experience where you can only see a range of floor rugs in the showroom, our online store includes a ‘See it in your own room’ feature, which allows you to upload a real photo of your chosen room onto our website. We will then superimpose your chosen rug directly into your space using augmented reality (AR). 

You can check how the colour or the size is likely to fit with the rest of your furnishings and home décor before you commit to buying. 

This feature is perfect for anyone who isn’t quite sure whether a black, non-shed rug or a bold, geometric design will work best under furniture like a dining table, lounge, or armchairs. Check out how well our lush shaggy rugs will look beside your bed, or whether our grey rugs and hall runners look best in your home. 

Not sure where to begin? Use our free styling service to find the rug of your dreams. All you have to do is complete an online form, and one of our experienced Stylists will reach out within 48 hours to give you bespoke options for your space. This service is absolutely free, so there’s no pressure to purchase!

If you like the recommendations, you can shop your curated edit online, or you can touch base with our stylists for another recommendation. 

We offer some of the most stylish rugs online Australia has to offer, including a range of outdoor rugs and picnic rugs perfect for the Aussie climate. In the warmer months, we all like to bring the indoors outside with barbeques and outdoor events to celebrate the longer days and warmer weather. 

With an outdoor rug, you can spill your interior design out into the exterior entertaining spaces and bring colour or neutral tones with you. Our outdoor flatweave rugs are available in a range of designs, including soft and simple ivory blends offering calm, coastal vibes.

Where to buy vintage rugs online?

Vintage styling is always on trend because vintage fashion traditionally celebrates quality design and the best construction and materials. Our range of traditional and Oriental rugs includes designs that are inspired by Turkish, Indian, and Moroccan rugs, which accentuate the delicate and intricate detailing of superior weaving and hand knotted traditional craft technique. 

Our vintage-inspired indoor rugs also include complex woven patterns in the Persian style. These rugs are reminiscent of the unique colours and motifs that are used by Persian weavers, who tell a symbolic story through the imagery in their creations.

Transform your space with rugs from Miss Amara

Our designer rug collection is available in a full spectrum of colours, textures, and weaves from the Miss Amara rugs online store. Whether you’re looking for something synthetic, handmade, striped, stain resistant, or something else entirely, you are sure to find something that suits your preferences.

Moreover, shipping is on us so when you choose the perfect rug from our range. This includes Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and everywhere in between. It’s never been easier ordering rugs online.

If you have fallen in love with any of our designs online but the website says we have run out of stock, then don’t despair. We often carry excess stock in our warehouse, so ensure that you get in touch with our support team and enquire whether we have any warehouse stock available to buy. 

If we don’t, then we usually have a new shipment on its way to us, so we can also give you an estimated time of delivery on the next order.

Not sure where to start or what you’re looking for? Get in touch with our on-call designers and use our curated collections to get started and choose from a range of carefully selected collections that embody a central theme or design. These can be a great source of inspiration and help you start imagining how you can lift the look and feel of your living spaces with a rug from the Miss Amara collection.