Al fresco dining, special event entertaining and the casual Sunday family brunches around the barbeque are all the classic characteristics of quintessential Australian living so outdoor rugs make for the perfect additions to your outdoor living space. Entertaining furniture is a must but the outdoor rug is often forgotten during the design process when it can really finish a space, bringing a depth and cosiness you wouldn’t otherwise have thought an outdoor space could really evoke.  The Miss Amara collection of outdoor rugs include a diverse and versatile range of flatweave indoor outdoor rugs, natural fibre outdoor floor rugs, and durable polypropylene carpet pieces that are easy to maintain, stain resistant and perfect outdoor patio rugs. If you’re stuck for design ideas, let us help with our curated collection and our team of free professional stylists.



What is an outdoor rug?



An outdoor rug is used like any other floor rug in that it offers a homey touch of style, can help to muffle sounds, warm floors and protect floor surfaces from heavy traffic and furniture scuff marks. The only real difference is in the materials typically chosen for outdoor carpet. Polypropylene rugs, for example, are constructed from man-made fibres which make them very low maintenance pieces which can stand up to a lot of foot traffic and quite a bit of wear. While they’re stain resistant, they are not water resistant so excess expose to the elements can cause the fibres to break down and even fade. 


Typically, outdoor rugs are used for covered entertaining areas like a patio, veranda or covered deck, but they also make for great large outdoor rugs at picnics and at the beach where the whole family can congregate. Ideally, you want a durable fibre for your outdoor rugs that washes easily or else is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, some solid bashing and hung out under sunlight. Our collection of outdoor rugs includes both natural materials like jute and cotton, as well as eco-friendly PET recyclable materials.


The Kali grey rug featuring a tribal striped design is made from 100% PET fibres and comes in an easy style ideally suited to dining and entertaining spaces. The PET fibres have been reclaimed from plastic water bottles making this design both a friend to the environment and anyone who enjoys sleek, modern styling and a versatile indoor and outdoor piece. They are reversible, feel very similar underfoot to cotton weave pieces, and are hard-wearing and stain resistant. Teamed with chic Scandinavian furnishings they sit comfortably in living areas and other high traffic zones or just as well as the centrepiece for your outdoor living areas. As a flatweave outdoor rug, they are prone to buckling when walked over so we recommend that you purchase a non-slip underlay for placement beneath. Miss Amara also has a range of non-slip underlay pieces or you can usually pick them at your local hardware store. Remember, we offer free shipping all over Australia for your order no matter how many pieces you order or whether they are large rugs or small round rugs


Following the same vein, the Emelie monochrome diamond tufted rug is also woven from 100% climate conscious PET fibres. This modern rug features a textual diamond motif in cream over the grey pattering and will suit similar coloured furnishings very well while also allowing you to spotlight natural timber statement pieces such as beech. These highly resilient pieces also make for great kids rugs offering a silky soft playing surface that is easy to keep clean. Use it indoors in living spaces over existing carpet or place it on top of a non-slip underlay for floorboards and tiled surfaces.


The Halie ivory and blue flatweave rug is a hand woven beauty perfect for evoking laid back topical vibes in both an indoor and outdoor spaces. In the same PET fibres, this piece is perfect for small, intimate outdoor living spaces like apartment balconies. 


Continuing with the coastal and rustic settings is the Cayo green rug featuring the classic tribal diamond patterning in a rich textual and tactile design. Crafted from soft polypropylene, this thick textual outdoor rug gives an appearance of natural jute and woven grass outdoor mats. It’s suited for indoor use as well and available in sizes up to 400 cm x 300 cm making them perfect for covering large open planned living spaces or broad and sweeping outdoor decks. 


For lovers of low profile styling, the Cordoba natural stone grey polypropylene outdoor rugs offer sleek and cool sophistication. These understated pieces are perfectly designed for teaming with bold furnishings or keeping everything classic and relaxed. If floral motifs are a little too last century for you, this design is the ideal alternative offering a light tribal design of concentric diamonds picked out in gentle white. Rather than an entirely white rug, they will handle heavy foot traffic very well and are easy to keep clean. 


Our selection of round rug jute pieces can also be used as round outdoor carpet pieces, but jute can be quite sensitive to moisture so if you live in a moist and humid climate, these pieces may not be ideal for long-term outdoor use. Fortunately, they double and interior pieces as well so they can be used outside on dry sunny days and brought back inside afterward to lift your interior spaces once again. Our jute pieces come in a range of dyed centres including navy and soft blush pink, as well as in natural tan.


Hallway runner rugs can also be repurposed as outdoor rugs for narrow verandas, courtyards and apartment living where space is at a premium. Our collection of Boho rug and Moroccan rug styles are also available in durable materials you can use in covered outdoor spaces.


The entire Miss Amara collection of rugs online have been selected to offer you a versatile combination of traditional rugs and modern rug designs. Rather than upkeeping expensive showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we have turned our attention instead to ensuring we offer the highest quality shopping experience. For starters, we ship anywhere in Australia for free which includes Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in between.


If you like an outdoor rug or can’t choose between a few different styles you can use our ‘See this in my room’ feature. Simply upload an image of the area you’re shopping outdoor rugs for and in 5 seconds you will see your chosen design in situ where you’re most likely to place it. 


If you’re still having trouble deciding between designs, we have a team of professional stylists on hand you can chat with about the space you’re mulling over. With experience in both interior design and architecture, our professional stylists offer you expert advice free of charge and also obligation free. If you finally decide on a particular piece but once you have it delivered and unroll in your space you’re not as sure as you were, we understand. Buying an outdoor rug or any type of rug should be a purchase of love. We will happily take the rug back and help you choose the perfect piece from amongst our range.