We think that the experience of buying a rug sucks. Ergh aren’t showrooms just the worst?!
So we want to change the way that people buy them.

So What’s Wrong with it All?


You can only Visualise SO much

it looks great under the spotlight, but how will you know if its right for YOU - your home, your toddler?!


It's a BIG Commitment

and we 100 percent GET that. You don’t get to buy a rug everyday!

So we want to take all the fear and the commitment, OUT.

At Miss Amara, we Believe


That Everyone Should be Able to buy their Dream Rug

and see how it looks in their own home


and if You're not Completely in Love

As you well should be!


You Should be able to Send it Back

at no cost to you.

So we’ll pick it up from wherever you are (in Australia) and get it delivered back to our warehouse - and we will pay for all of it :


Shop for a Rug from your Home

Clothing is Optional


See, Touch and Feel Rug

in said Home


If you Don't Love It

Send it Back


You’ll get a full refund within 14 business days from collection.

We'll cover all associated costs of pickup and delivery


Our Try it At Home service lets you try the rug at your home so you can ensure it brings your vision to life! We will pay to ship the rug to you and even pay to ship it back to us if you don’t like it! Given the bulky nature of rugs, shipping and returning them for free comes at a cost to us, so our Try it At Home service is subject to a fair use policy.

Check out our full returns policy here.