How does the Styling Advice Work?

Have a read of how our customer Sarah with a little help from our Online Stylists, found her perfect Rug!

“My partner and I recently moved into our new house and were looking at purchasing a new rug for our dining room. I contacted Miss Amara for help with styling and choosing the perfect rug for our space as they have a complimentary styling service.
I sent through a few photos of the dining room and with these pictures [our stylist] sent me through a curated list with the choices she thought would best suit our space and reasons as to why. The descriptions of each rug were incredibly helpful and it led me to choose the perfect rug.
We couldn't be happier with the end product and decided on a rug which we never would have dreamed of selecting.
I couldn't recommend Miss Amara highly enough for both their amazing style ideas and also their flawless customer service. Once again thank you Miss Amara!”


Sarah Dining Before


Sarah Dining After

Update: Sarah loved the rug so much - she couldn’t resist giving it a try in the lounge!
However, the rug has now found its forever placement back in the dining room :)

 Durisdeer Lounge