Our Exclusive Interview with Style Crush: Mel from Bellalulu Interiors

Bellalulu Interiors


All eyes on Mel aka @bellalulu.interiors, if you haven’t checked out her insta account yet - where have you been?! 
Over the years Mel has become such a great friend to Miss Amara - our absolute style guru. We check in with her regularly to get her eye for style across our product curation and designs. We chatted with Mel on all things lifestyle, family and the important question on all our minds - how on earth she keeps that white couch SO pristine!

March 28, 2019 by Alexandra Tanya

Designer Debrief - A chat about the Miss Amara Collection


In case you missed it, we have recently launched our very own Miss Amara Collection. It was a first for our team and a brave step at that, but boy are we happy we made the move.

We thought we’d share some insights into and inspiration behind this special collection in a chat with our designer Alex.

February 20, 2019 by Tamara Harris

The Miss Amara Collection is here! And you can PRE-ORDER!


We are beyond excited to be launching our very own collection! 

The new Miss Amara Collection embraces the traditions of age old weaving techniques, classic designs and delicious fibres to create a contemporary collection of rugs that prioritise timelessness but remain oh so trendy. 

February 10, 2019 by Tamara Harris

Miss Amara Style Series: Neutral Tones

Neutral Hues
Sophisticated or casual, country or city, contemporary or traditional ... if you’re searching for a specific style or new to rug shopping and don’t know where to start - GO NEUTRAL! 
Neutral rugs can be an amazing addition to any space from rejuvenating bedrooms to lively lounge rooms. We’ve found the ideal inspo for a neutral interior and paired them with just the right rugs so you can get the look! 
January 31, 2019 by Tamara Harris
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Summer Rugs: How to find the right rug for warm climates

Summer Rugs

Nothing beats an Aussie summer! Long afternoons at the beach that roll into balmy evenings, sun-drenched barbeques and rose in the sunshine. *Sigh* we’re pretty damn lucky! It’s easy to see how our overabundance of sunshine has influenced our lifestyles but it also has a huge effect on how we design and decorate our homes, with rooms flooded with natural light and blurred boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

But when it comes to thinking about one the most important design pieces in your home (a rug of course!), it can sometimes be tricky to reconcile a hot climate with the traditional idea of a warm and cosy rug. However, a well-chosen rug can add design flair and comfort to your home all year round, even though those scorching Aussie summers.

January 27, 2019 by Alexandra Tanya

Miss Amara's Virtual Rug Styler is here!

Virtual Rug Styler Main Image


Choosing a rug from Miss Amara just got even easier thanks to our new Virtual Rug Styler tool!

Being avid interiors shoppers ourselves, we know how hard it can sometimes be to choose items for our homes, especially when there are so many great options available and there’s a specific look we’re going for. We also know that rug shopping is no easy feat and we’re always trying our best to make the act of buying a rug easy, affordable and fun, one that adds something special to our customer’s lifestyle and interior.  We sometimes spend ages on our own site, loving each rug more than the one before and finding it impossible to pick “the one”!

Enter our Virtual Rug Styler tool, a recent addition to our website, that allows you to place a rug from our website into a photo of your room and then… to imagine the possibilities! If you love what you see, you can even save the image to your desktop or share the image with friends or partners (who, let’s be honest, might have a few faves of their own and need some convincing). Save one, save many, print it out and add it to your moodboard. We figured if it’s easier to see, it’s easier to choose something you will truly love.


Virtual Rug Styler Strip

Pick from the Dalvic Rug, Natchez, Alcati to Takoma and oh so many more. 


The best part is that you get to visualise a rug style in your home surrounded by your stuff. I mean, we’re the first to admit we’ve made a purchase based on a pretty picture, only to get home and find that it doesn’t quite look the way the picture did.  Well, our aim is that the Virtual Rug Styler tool will give you a better indication of what works for you (and for your stuff). 

The Virtual Rug Styler is available right now on our website - click here to get started in 3 easy steps. 

It might be all you need to wrap up your rug shopping quick smart but if not, there’s always our complimentary Try At Home service and our online Stylists who love guiding our customers to a rug that’s just right. Used together, we’re hoping our tools and services will make rug shopping even easier and way more fun than it’s ever been. That’s a big statement but if you remember that it can all be done from home while lazing on the couch… maybe with a glass of wine.

All that’s left to say is happy rug shopping!

September 21, 2018 by Aaron Weller

Miss Amara’s Guide to Popular Interior Design Styles

Many people think that interior design is about buying the items you like and beautifully bringing them together. 
While that approach might work brilliantly for some of our friends who just have a knack for styling, for others it can present a bit of a challenge. We know that hiring an interior designer or stylist is not always an option so to help you on your style journey, we’re going to deep dive into some of the most popular interior design styles. 

August 10, 2018 by Tamara Harris

Scandinavian Style: Here’s how to get more Nordic in your nook...

Ah, the Scandinavian style... simple, functional, beautiful and oh so cozy. A calming aesthetic that has influenced interiors all over the world and might just be the perfect style update for your space. 

Scandinavians have a pretty harsh winter to deal with, spending a lot of time indoors, often in smaller spaces and the design of their homes really affects their lifestyle. So adopting a Scandi design approach is as much about creating a livable space as it is a beautiful one.  It’s a style that has often been described as “minimalist” but it’s really about finding that perfect balance - having not too little and not too much (and yes that applies to shoes too!)

House Rules Recap, the Controversy of Cow Hides

Who caught House Rules last night?!

First couple to receive their home transformation, Fiona and Nicole were certainly not shy about their thoughts on cowhides – and that is that they hate them! So much so, that they placed a blanket ban on any contestants using a hide in any part of the house. 

This is not surprising as cowhides – much like coriander, have a way of polarising us.
On the one hand, they’ve been around forever, and just when we think they’ve officially had their moment, another blogger comes out of the woodwork to tell us that they are so “En Vogue” right now.

Our opinion? We actually don’t think they’ll ever go out of fashion – and like a wonderful leather piece, we love that a cowhide can actually look better with age. The irregular shapes and unique patterns, also lend a relaxed vibe.
Styled right, we absolutely love them 😛

Here’s a few ways you can style a cow hide to say less “Welcome to my Bach pad” and more “I’m a Stylish So & So”.

We adore this thrown together yet sophisticated cool setting. To try this at home layer an Embossed-Look rug with a complimentary hide that blends.   via Refinery25

Embossed Look Rugs:    


If you told me that you were laying down a cowhide to work in a Scandi Setting, I’d be the first to admit, confusion would be the first thing to set in!! via myscandiavianhome

But just to prove me wrong, these Scandi settings demonstrate indisputable, cow hide perfection!!


Get the look with Mendoza Champagne Brazilian Cow Hide – sadly out of stock at the moment but available for preorder.


Holy batman – how chic is this light cowhide and stark white backdrop. It’s hard to imagine this space with any other rug!! via mycosyretreat

To get this look, choose a hide with an overriding white theme, much like the Bauru or the Parana Salt & Pepper Hide available at https://missamara.com.au



Black out – at the same residence pictured below, we see the stark white interior this time, is paired with a black hide for high impact contrast in an otherwise muted setting. via mycosyretreat


A similar dark hide https://missamara.com.au/bluemenau-black-cow-hide-rug

So where do you stand on cowhides – Yay or Nay?

May 04, 2017 by Alexandra Tanya

Rug Layering: Do you Dare?

Lately we’ve seen designers use this technique everywhere – from bedrooms to lounge rooms to dining and I have to say – it’s unconventional yes, but I kind of love it!

I recall not so long ago when we shared some gorgeous examples of this trend on our Facebook page.

I was bursting to share these images with our followers – but I did not expect it to be so controversial! Some of you were extremely keen to tell me that this was a silly, silly trend, but much to my delight – there were also a good portion of you who were inspired!!

(I guess rug layering is like the Coriander of the Decorating World – you either love it, or hate it with a passion).

So hear me out!

Layering Rugs is a really a great way to showcase a hero rug (particularly if its a tad too small for your space) and add a more relaxed, eclectic vibe to your room.

So if you’re brave enough to give it a go, and you want to join #TEAMRUGLAYERING – here are some of our top tips:

1. Contrast is your Friend

Just like layering clothes, rug layering works well when you have one layer with complexity (our hero rug) paired with a more simple, contrasting layer.

Jute rugs are a great grounding rug, creating a base that can really lift a brighter, busier pattern.

Image Source: Amber Interiors

Shop the look: https://missamara.com.au/haiku-natural-chunky-jute-rug


2. Regular isn’t always best

Irregular shapes such as cowhide work a treat with rug layering! Your foundation rug will naturally create your zone which allows you to play around with placement of the top rug – angle and orientation.

Image Source: Hommemaker

Shop the Look: https://missamara.com.au/parana-brown-white-cow-hide-rug


3. Keep it Simple

If you’re not as brave – stick to neutrals such as creams, whites or greys. Layering rugs will introduce different textural elements to an otherwise minimal space.

Image Credit: Interior Design Pro

Shop the Look: https://missamara.com.au/figuig-cream-modern-tribal-moroccan-rug


4. Last rule: There are no rules!

Take inspiration from this gorgeous apartment in San Paulo and multi-layer to your little hearts content!

Though the placement of the rugs is well – sort of haphazard!! The similar style and patterns of the rugs give this room a high end, luxe look. 
So if you’re experimenting with multiple patterned rugs try and stick to one colour theme or rug type, and make sure that the rest of your space is relatively neutral.

Shop the Look: https://missamara.com.au/idfu-pink-faded-floor-rug

Photo Credit: Fran Parente for Yatzer Architecture


Okay Guys – lastly just to show you that I practice what I preach I WAS brave enough to try this in my own home with an antique rug I’ve had forever and the Haiku Jute Rug on our site.

Whats the verdict?

STILL love it!! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always wanted to bring out this gorgeous old rug, but its always been too small for my space, so having a grounding rug has made this look work!

The jute rug acts like an underlay and has made the rugs together feel spongey and lovely underfoot.

I thought I’d share my space and you can make your own mind up, love? Or hate with a passion 🙂

(I won’t be offended either way)

Love and Light

Alex xxx

March 10, 2017 by Alexandra Tanya