The Key Elements of Modern Design Style: A Comprehensive Guide

The Key Elements of Modern Design Style: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore modern design style and learn about colours, furniture, décor, lighting, technology, and tips for adding a chic touch to your own space with Miss Amara
May 16, 2023 by Bronte Jacobson

Style Crush featuring Melissa Tonkin @teamtonkin

Style Crush - Melissa Tonkin

We also bow down to her as the master of colour! (affectionately dubbed as the colour magician at the MA office). Us too have been guilty of wanting to use colour but at the last minute caving for the safer option - Mel is not afraid of colour and embraces it in a way that inspires us all to use more colour!

September 13, 2019 by Alexandra Tanya

Style Crush featuring Raffaela of Indi & Bear

The talented stylist and mother of two first came into our lives when she wanted help with her living room rug - fast forward to today and it’s not just us following along as she shares images of her beach hopping family weekends, mag worthy themed events (styled by her), her everyday chic sense of style, and of course her stunning home-style - making her a muse for many of us following along at home!

April 24, 2019 by Lena Leibhardt

Scandinavian Style: Here’s how to get more Nordic in your nook...

Ah, the Scandinavian style... simple, functional, beautiful and oh so cozy. A calming aesthetic that has influenced interiors all over the world and might just be the perfect style update for your space. 

Scandinavians have a pretty harsh winter to deal with, spending a lot of time indoors, often in smaller spaces and the design of their homes really affects their lifestyle. So adopting a Scandi design approach is as much about creating a livable space as it is a beautiful one.  It’s a style that has often been described as “minimalist” but it’s really about finding that perfect balance - having not too little and not too much (and yes that applies to shoes too!)