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Ah, the Scandinavian style... simple, functional, beautiful and oh so cozy. A calming aesthetic that has influenced interiors all over the world and might just be the perfect style update for your space. 

Scandinavians have a pretty harsh winter to deal with, spending a lot of time indoors, often in smaller spaces and the design of their homes really affects their lifestyle. So adopting a Scandi design approach is as much about creating a livable space as it is a beautiful one.  It’s a style that has often been described as “minimalist” but it’s really about finding that perfect balance - having not too little and not too much (and yes that applies to shoes too!)

Scandi interiors work with the thinking that “less is more” -  displaying maximum style using minimal elements. You won’t be seeing any unusually bold or vividly coloured walls but instead, a pared back style that uses muted earthy tones, celebrates materials and (what we think is the hardest part) it keeps ornamentation to a minimum. The Scandi style is centred around craftsmanship, functionality, clean lines, warmth and most importantly, light!


Here’s a look at a few elements of the Scandi style that you could try…


Let there be light

During the winter months, Scandinavians enjoy few daylight hours so full length and large windows (particularly on sloped ceilings) are commonly used to let in as much natural light as possible.  And when the sun goes down, well then it’s on to lighting of the artificial kind. From simple-shaped ceiling lights and table lamps to more discreet built-in lights, having ample lighting through the space is key to setting the right ambience.

Lighting designs are geometric, modern, elegant, and straightforward and usually stripped from any eye-catching decor details (less is more remember). And if you want to pare it right back, don't forget about candles. Natural, warm, beautiful and functional - candles tick all of those Scandi style boxes and are a perfect accessory for this style. 


Play With Colour


Scandi style has been marked by specific colour schemes - earthy tones, shades of grey, beige and cream and also loads of white. Because of the need to keep things light and bright, interior walls are usually all white or painted with this neutral palette.

If neutral is not your thing, you’re in luck because pastel shades like pastel pink and green have become trendy and for a different dynamic altogether, walls are sometimes padded with natural wood or partially coloured with a different tone. In recent years, bolder colours have started making their way into Scandinavian interiors and stronger clearer colours like lemon green, oranges, fluorescent yellow and reds have been embraced. So if an all-white interior is a scary thought or colour is what gives you life, you can still get that Scandi style. 

Rug It Up

Despite the cold long winters, wall to wall carpeting is not something you will see in true Scandinavian interiors which usually feature wooden floors throughout and are usually light in colour. Probably because of this - they are big on rugs in every single room, even the kitchen! Apart from adding warmth and bringing comfort to bare feet, rugs are used as style statements and also to draw attention to specific pieces of furniture. 

Rugs are a great way to reinforce a design style so if it’s a Scandi interior you’re looking at creating, our Farrah Marble Grey Braided Wool Rug and Floro Dark Grey & Ivory Transitional Rug are each distinctly different in design but sure to add some Scandi spirit to you space. They would work just as well in a bedroom as in a living area. Floro is also available as a runner and is a highly durable option for a high traffic area. 

 Miss Amara Floro Rug

Farrah Rug Madaya Rug

For more compact dining spaces, a round rug like the Madaya is sure to tick all those Scandi style boxes. Inspired by traditional designs, it is created in beautifully modern neutral tones with an organic vintage distress. When it comes to functionality, its super soft polypropylene fibres are strong, feels luxuriously silky under foot and it's easy to clean - perfect for a busy household and pets.

Browse through our Scandi Collection for more gorgeous rugs like these.


 Declutter Your Home

Now if there’s one thing we are skilled at, and we reckon you might be too, it’s accumulating things without even realising! One of the reasons we LOVE the Scandi approach is that it makes us think a bit more practically about our “stuff”. How do the elements in our space contribute in functionality and good looks? Is the space well used or is there a better way to place furniture and display different objects? Are the storage solutions clever? 

Ornamentation in Scandi homes is scaled right back but it means that everything on display has great effect and a few good reasons for being in its spot. Decluttering is not just about creating a beautiful or organised space though. Less clutter can also contribute to a lighter, calmer, more inviting home, a place that FEELS too good to leave!

To be honest, anything that encourages more pyjama days, is something we are willing to get behind!


Be Natural

Natural elements and exposed materials are also part of authentic Scandinavian style. Apart from floors, wood is also used decoratively in furniture and other home finishes. Think rattan chairs or coffee tables or maybe wicker baskets which double up as storage. Metallic finishes (which are great for reflecting light by the way) are also incorporated in things like lighting designs or furnishing. Fresh flowers and house plants aren’t optional in Scandi homes and are key to a light and natural feel. 


Over to You
Scandinavian style is one of the most popular interior design styles and we get why - it’s modern but inviting, refreshing but warm, considered but cosy - ideal for creating a home that you LOVE to walk in to.  

Our Scandi Collection has been curated with this in mind, so be sure to go for a browse before you leave.