If you’ve never used our chat box on the bottom of the site – some of you might be surprised to know that there is a real live person that sits here and answers all of your rug questions. (No seriously though, that person is me 🙂

And whilst I love our one on one chats (- Live Chat people Hello!) I thought it would be entertaining for the rest of you to see the kinds of questions that have been coming through lately (as you can see they escalate very quickly).

“Alex -what rugs work best under a dining table?”

“Alex – I have a gathering soon what’s the best rug to get that’s pet friendly/ child friendly/ party friendly / stain friendly – EVERYTHING FRIENDLY.”

“ALEX – WHEN is my rug arriving?! I placed my order yesterday, I’ve got OVER 20 people coming to my house NEXT SUNDAY – HEEEELLLP ME”

Okay I get it guys – Its the holidays, people are coming over and you want your house to look as swish as humanely possible whilst at the same time be Armageddon-friendly.

So whilst I’ve been busy helping you all with party related styling and rug queries, along the way I’ve found some really super amazing Australiana Christmas looks that really – it would just be rude not to share!

So without further ado, I bring you some of Miss Amara’s rug styling tips for the holidays…

Baby It’s Hot Outside

You wouldn’t put a sweater on a kangaroo, so why would you defy the Australian Holidays – embrace a Summer Christmas by taking inspiration from this cool beachy, summer – vibes setting.

Image credit: splacer

A bold statement rug with a pop of colour is perfect for making a big impact in a communal space.
This look can be achieved with our  statement Bluebellgray ombre rug in blue or teal.




Its All in the Details

If you can’t afford to splurge on a big statement rug, shhhhh its okay!
Concentrating on a small area in your home such as the entrance or eat in is an effective way to make an impressive feature area.
Using round rug creates a interesting feature zone that you can then build upon with plants, vases or any accessories that work.


Image Credit: cocokelley, via instagram @k_bloves





If you Absolutely Must 

Okay okay, Christmas is Christmas and that means being all Christmas-ey with your white christmas, winter inspired settings – trust me, I get it!

We simply adore these Skandi – Inspired Holiday settings. You too can get a similar look without a thick, winter wooly pile. Opt for a flat weave rug, which will still soften your space, but is thin and cool underfoot for summer.

Image Source: Hampton & Harlow, La Machine





And as always, short of basting your turkey for you – I’ll be here for the rest of your rug related/ holiday/ entertaining queries and styling advice. It’s been real!

Happy Holidays, Much Love Alex xx

November 17, 2016 by