Create a soft and calming space with kids nursery rugs, a safe and enjoyable playing space with play rugs, and a clean and easily maintained floor space with machine washable kids rugs. 

When choosing the right floor rug for a child’s bedroom or playroom, the first thing you should consider is the materials most often used for kids rugs and how they will affect your child’s playing, crawling and walking experience. Our entire collection of rugs online has been sourced from quality manufacturers using a variety of weaving and construction techniques, both ancient and modern, as well as a variety of fibres and materials, both natural and synthetic. 

Starting with our Gretel kids rug, this piece is available in two large sizes of 330 cm x 240 cm or 400 cm x 300 cm. It offers ample playing room as a kids play rug placed in a rumpus or living space, or as the central carpet for your child’s bedroom. It’s ideally suited for homes with wooden floors or for saving your carpets from the accidents and general mayhem children can bring to any space. Hand-knotted in striking rainbow detail, this piece is made from 100% wool fibres and offers a silky soft texture underfoot. Its plush pile ensures against the danger of hard surfaces like tiles and floorboards and given that it is 100% wool it will withhold its colour for many years and warm your child’s floor during the cooler months. The playful colours bring a welcome pop and cheer without overpowering a space.

Rainbow and multi-coloured childrens rugs are the perfect way to bring a vibrant and gender-neutral look and feel to any room. Our Lahti rainbow coloured flatweave rug is another lovely example of this colour range woven from handmade soft felted wool and hand-knotted through cotton. Originally inspired by contemporary Scandinavian design, this versatile flatweave floor rug is also at home as a kids rug and is ideally placed over carpeted surfaces, adding extra warm and protection. Flatweave rugs are usually paired with a non-slip underlay if they are not placed over existing carpet. This ensures the rug stays static while walked over and minimises the chance of unsteady stumbles turning into terrible tumbles.

To round out our multi-coloured kids rugs range, we offer the Italian inspired Palermo horizontal stripe rug. Mirroring the same neutral full spectrum colour design, this playful piece is ideal as a kids play rug. With a lush 10 mm pile constructed from non-shed synthetic fibres, this piece is bright, engaging, and easy to keep clean.

Nursery rooms are little havens of calming and soothing peace and our selection of soft hued kids rugs and shag rug collection can help you to build the warm, loving ambience your child should fall asleep to every night and wake up brightly to every morning. It’s common for people to gravitate toward bold animal print designs when they’re looking for kids room rugs but often gentle colours like blush pink, white rugs, rugs in duck-egg blue and green rugs generate tranquil moods which encourage peace and enjoyment more effectively. A round kids play rug can helpfully mark out play areas and help your child to learn where their toys should be played with as well as make for easy tidy-ups when playtime is over. Our round rugs are available in natural jute with striking dyed centres, framed by the natural jute tan all the way around. Grey rugs in jute like the Tulum silver blue hand-woven rug can make for a quiet and neutral addition to a bedroom or play area. They are strong and durable, and the jute they have been constructed from is sourced from ethical producers who use eco-friendly methods. As a sustainable material, jute is the perfect choice for eco-conscious households. At the end of its natural life, your jute floor rug will gently and naturally break down to fertilise future growth.

As children learn and grow, so too do their bedrooms. Our collection of brightly coloured and engaging kids rugs also include the perfect pieces for older children and adolescents. The Otse printed tribal fringed cotton rug is a bold black, grey and blue design. Inspired by Navajo design, this piece has been hand-loomed and then stonewashed to boost that authentic and vintage look and feel. It can bring a welcome burst of colour to any room and could make for the perfect transition piece for your child’s space moving from nursery to grown-up bedroom just like anything from our Berber rug inspired range. 

Our selection of Moroccan rugs, Boho rugs and modern rugs range are all available in a range of colours and styles perfect for a young person’s bedroom. Traditional rugs with a vintage twist are what we specialise in and our selection includes large floor rugs ideally suited for laid back living spaces and teenage retreats. 

When we created Miss Amara, we were looking to change the way Australians shopped for their rugs. Delivering a fully online shopping experience, we have focused our efforts on taking the worry and doubt out of carpet buying with a range of added features and helpful extras. The first problem most people come across when they’re in a carpet showroom is picturing the piece they have in mind inside their own homes. If you have a kids rug in mind for your child’s bedroom, why not use our ‘See this in my room’ feature? Simply upload an image of your kid’s bedroom or the play space earmarked for your chosen piece and in just 5 seconds we will show you what your rug looks like in-situ alongside your existing furniture and décor. 

If you’re still not entirely sure that you have picked the right kids rug, then we also offer a completely obligation free styling consultation across our entire collection. You can engage one of our professional stylists for their advice on whether your chosen piece is the best one for your space. Our professional stylists have interior design experience and bring with them a comprehensive understanding of contemporary style and how it works best for any space.

Of course, if you receive your rug delivery and lay it out in your chosen space only to discover that you’re not 100% happy with it, we’ll take it back. We call it our ‘Try it a home’ service and it’s a completely risk free returns policy which allows you to return your kids rug purchase. 

Finally, all of your Miss Amara purchases are shipped for free anywhere in Australia no matter how large or small your chosen rug is. That includes all of the metro areas of Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart, and everywhere else in between. 

Shop confidently for your next rug purchase with Miss Amara, the online destination dedicated to offering the perfect rug shopping experience.