Style Crush - Melissa Tonkin

We also bow down to her as the master of colour! (affectionately dubbed as the colour magician at the MA office). Us too have been guilty of wanting to use colour but at the last minute caving for the safer option - Mel is not afraid of colour and embraces it in a way that inspires us all to use more colour!


Mel is known for her ability to blend pops of colour in a way that is beautiful and organic and the results are jaw droppingly gorgeous - take a squizz at her instagram @teamtonkin and you can see for yourself Our notebooks are officially OUT!

Oltu Rug

Interiors have always been something I have loved creating. The power a space has on your mood really amazes me. There is so much that comes into play here, The natural light levels, furniture placement and fl ow, tones and colours all affect how we feel within that space.

This is something I became extremely aware of when I had my girls. Being home more meant I was affected more by the spaces we shared and I set out to really learn what it is in a space that makes my soul sing and my mood lift and over the years I have slowly created a home I really love and makes me and my family feel calm and happy.

Alina Rug

Over the last few years I moved more into set styling within my studio which is my job and therapy.

The process of creating a space from scratch then seeing that space come together in front of you is seriously amazing. Then getting to rip it all down and build something different the next day really is my dream job and keeps the creative juices going.

Haha tricky one as I don’t really feel I have a set style. I am inspired by so many styles but one thing I know for sure is, I’m not a minimalist!! Haha. I like bright spaces that feel warm and inviting and colour is a must. I love mixing new with old and the most important thing for me is that a space feels relaxed and not uptight so nothing too formal. Not really sure if that answered the question haha.

I think with colour the key is to really work out what colours your drawn too and how they make you feel? Is that what you want to feel in your space?

If yes then add it!!

I tend to be drawn more too warm tones but always make sure I pick one cool colour to balance it out. Just like everything in life interiors are all about balance.

It honestly changes every time! I fi nd the easiest things to focus on to get you started are an artwork or rug.

The palette or style in these will help you build everything else from there. I always screenshot my pieces then create a little moodboard to swap items in and out to see what works best.


With my girls being quite young I haven’t had to deal with any strong opinions as of yet however I honestly think that you can create flow and cohesion with the rest of the house by carrying through elements such as colour and certain materials.

In our house we have incorporated warm colour tones such as pinky peach, ochre and mustards and materials such as cane and rattan and this fl ows throughout the whole house.

Everything else can then remain more individual to your child without compromising the flow within the house.

Rugs to me make a room. I find the right choice so important and it’s usually one of the first items I decide on. I feel you need to consider the space, size and use of room.

Low pile rugs can help make a small space feel larger and less visually cluttered and are usually better for heavy traffic areas. Whilst a medium to long pile makes a space feel more intimate and cozy.

Daliah Rug

Denali Rug

Natchez Rug

Sienna Rug

Alina Rug

Oh my gosh she arrived this week and I am absolutely obsessed. She is incredibly lush and the softest rug I have ever felt!! She is perfect for a lounge room or bedroom where you want to feel super cozy and comfortable. Imagine stepping out of bed onto that insanely soft pile everyday, ahhhh!!!


I have loved the trends lately as they have really moved more into the realm of my personal style. I feel that warm tones will stick around for a while longer. I feel the colours will become slightly more dirty subtle and earthy. Perfection!!!