The talented stylist and mother of two first came into our lives when she wanted help with her living room rug - fast forward to today and it’s not just us following along as she shares images of her beach hopping family weekends, mag worthy themed events (styled by her), her everyday chic sense of style, and of course her stunning home-style - making her a muse for many of us following along at home!



Miss Amara Nile rug in the beautifully styled bedroom of influencer Indi & Bear



on all things style title heading


question your instagram feed is beautiful but please tell us your life isn't that perfect (at least for us normal people!)


Haha definitely not. Like any household with kids, I am forever tidying, cleaning and trying to keep my life in order.

I consider myself to be a pretty positive person, never dwelling on the negatives, therefore, I choose to keep my Instagram the same. I too am human though, so of course, I have those days where I am unmotivated or the kids are giving me a hard time, but I don’t like to capture those moments and share them on the platform.



question how would you describe your home style?

Oooh this is a tough one. I like so many styles but I do love Scandinavian with a touch of Artisan decorative pieces. I love the mix and I really feel like it reflects our family. I also adore colour, as it just makes me happy.


question how has your style evolved and what influences your style

I think when I initially moved into our first home, I chose items that were “in” and on trend and unsurprisingly, I found that those were the items that I got over quickly. So over time I have gained a better understanding of styles and items that I like and love to come home to. I have also learnt to focus on things that bring me happiness and spark joy, as Marie Kondo would say haha. I love layers, texture and colour and you will find that these elements are in all the rooms I put together.



question what advice would you give to someone who has just recently moved into a new home


Oh thank you!! It’s been a very exciting time. For someone starting, I think there is the pressure to have it all done in an instant but my advice is to take it slow and room by room. There’s no need to rush. I usually start with a mood board and decide the look and feel and then go from there. There is also nothing wrong with letting a room develop slowly and organically. Collect and add pieces over time and feel free to change things or mix it up.

I also suggest beginning with a neutral base for large, expensive items and then add some colour with smaller decorative pieces and choose a gorgeous rug to really spruce up the space. A rug really does transform a room in my eyes and sets the tone for the entire house.



question how does being a busy mum influence your style and pieces that you style with in your home?


This is a funny one because it makes me think of when I originally chose our new lounges for our living room. When I selected our blue velvet lounge, everyone was like ‘are you crazy, you will have milk, food and anything else smooshed all over it!’, but this didn’t stop me. I love having nice things and why should having kids stop you! Yes, there have been marks made on the couch but did you know that velvet is super easy to clean?!! And the other couch, well I just zip off the cover and chuck it in the wash, comes up brand new.

But being an influencer and on the platform, there are so many incredible accounts that inspire you. For me, working as a visual merchandiser at Hart & Co, I see so many incredible pieces I love to add to my home. I also adore Sage and Clare pieces and their designs and colours greatly inspire me.

But choosing pieces, I never think, 'oh I can’t have that with young kids'. They have grown up in the house with these items and they have learnt how to live amongst it.



which brings us to raf's rugs title heading





Miss Amara Kochi Hand-Braided Round Jute Rug



Miss Amara Ines Ivory & Grey Flatweave Indoor Outdoor Rug





Miss Amara Nile Grey Diamond Ivory Distressed Rug



Deciding on the right rug can be a daunting process – what’s your thought process when you’re selecting a rug for your space and how do you consider how the rug will fit in with the whole concept of the room?


When choosing a rug, I consider my existing decor and how functional it will be (especially if you own an indoor pet). I also look at the size and how I want it to fit the space. A rug is an investment, a great one at that, so you have to select something that’s right and will stand the test of time, not just what’s on trend now!

When we made some decorative changes to our previous home, I made sure I had the lounges, coffee table, tv unit and then I chose the rug. That way you can do so with complete confidence because you know the space and what it needs to work with.

Having so many Miss Amara rugs, I have also been using their Virtual Rug Styler tool. This has been an incredible service the website offers, not to mention the styling team’s expertise! 



We know that you’ve just ordered Zoya rug from our new collection. What drew you to this style and how do you plan to style it?


I just need to say, Miss Amara’s new collection, wow!! When it launched I was blown away with how incredible it was!!

When I saw the Zoya rug, I instantly visualised it in my living room! As mentioned above, I am drawn to texture and neutral tones, and this rug has all of that. Although I adore the Nuuk rug, having moved, our living room now flows out to the deck and also has a beautiful inbuilt window seat where we can sit and enjoy the true hero of the room – the view outside! I needed something that would work with this new space and the surroundings, but this rug also compliments my existing decor and will create a whole new feel to the space without having to purchase new lounges, soft furnishings and art.


Miss Amara Zoya Tribal Ivory Shag Rug


How do you feel rugs have changed your spaces at home?


Rugs have the ability to truly transform a space!! I think it is the best investment you can make to tie a room together, add style and create a whole new feel for the space without having to decorate your entire home. I am rug obsessed haha, as you all probably know by now.



talking all things fashion and beauty title headline


question your kids are so stylish, where do you dress them?


Oh thank you :) they are pretty adorable (not biased at all haha). I shop at lots of different places. I have discovered (and have an affinity for) many small businesses over the years and love to support local, Australian made and owned brands but favourites at the moment would have to be Ghanda, Atilla Cubs, Zara Kids and Next.



questions what’s your secret indulgence and how do you love to spend your “me time”?


To be honest, styling is a real passion of mine. It doesn’t feel like a chore and it is often how I like to spend my time, particularly when Indi is at childcare and Ollie is asleep. I like to be creative and constantly play around with the spaces and mix things up.

Photography is also a passion and interest of mine. I recently purchased a new camera which is providing me with hours of endless entertainment.

I also like to indulge in the occasional facial or two! About a year ago I made the decision to take better care of my skin. It had always been an afterthought and an easy thing to cross off my to do list to make time for other things, like the kids, but I started to notice how dry and dull it was looking. I started with regular sessions at Chakra Face and Body and have continued the routine and it has made a huge difference. It’s also nice to be able to take an hour or so to really switch off and relax.



question you have great style, what do you consider when buying clothes?


I have learnt over the years to go with comfort but also choose items that I feel confident in and that compliment my body shape.

If you saw my wardrobe you will see that I am culotte crazy, but that’s because they are the most comfortable pants ever but also look cool worn casually, going out and to work.

I tend to purchase things that are practical and versatile and don’t like spending money on one-off, statement pieces. I would prefer to buy things that I can wear lots of different times, with lots of different things.



question what’s your go to makeup look and what products do you use on your skin?


Since taking better care of my skin, I have a skincare routine that I follow each morning and night. I have written a blog on this, which you can find on my website, The products I use religiously now are DMK and they are incredible!!

For makeup, I use a primer from Mecca, Nars sheer glow foundation, hourglass bronzer & eyebrow pencil, Rimmel black liquid eyeliner and mascara.

I like to keep my makeup quite natural, never heavy and honestly do the same look every day - winged black eyeliner with a touch of bronzer and blush.



question what do you love about living in Melbourne?


When I think about what I love about Melbourne the following springs to mind- I love the culture, cafes, restaurants and the general cool vibe the city has to offer. But also, driving half an hour from the city to where we live and feeling like your in a totally different place -surrounded by trees, wildlife and only being walking distance to the river. I find myself instantly at ease, knowing that this is exactly where I am meant to be. It’s authentic and interesting and there’s so much beneath its surface.


To follow along with Raf and her adorable tribe check her out on Instagram @indi_and_bear