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All eyes on Mel aka @bellalulu.interiors, if you haven’t checked out her insta account yet - where have you been?! 

Over the years Mel has become such a great friend to Miss Amara - our absolute style guru. We check in with her regularly to get her eye for style across our product curation and designs. We chatted with Mel on all things lifestyle, family and the important question on all our minds - how on earth she keeps that white couch SO pristine!

If we could sum up Mel’s style, we’d say it’s 'neutral luxe retreat' executed in a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it,

welcoming way. Her home exudes warmth which is hard to achieve in a setting that is so luxe and when you’re working with a neutral palette. There’s no denying it - the girl’s got style and we want all of the advice she has to share.


Picking the right pieces I think is the key - whether that be furniture, textiles or floor rugs, while knowing what will work and won't for you and your family.

Staying true to your style is also important! I love walking into a home that just feels homely and for me white and bright are my musts. People think I'm crazy for having white sofas - they probably are right (lol!)

So, when picking my sofas I always try and get them with removable covers which led me to the Soderhamn sofa from Ikea. I don't need to panic if the kids spill something or the pets get prints on them, as everything just goes in the wash and comes up brand new! So again, it comes back to picking the right pieces. 


My style is very relaxed, white, light and bright! It does have a Bohemian whimsical feel. I just love creating spaces that make you feel like you are on holidays.

My style has evolved with age and knowledge I think! I have learnt to appreciate quality over quantity.

It most definitely affects your life and mood. Usually, your style is a reflection of your personality and your loves in life, whether that be past or present.

I love organic, rustic, even refurbished furniture. Pieces that don't just look good but tell a story! And visually pleasing to look at! 

Go on Pinterest and pin like crazy! Pin what you LOVE the look of. Also, look in magazines and on Instagram - that's another great tool to use these days. Try searching specific hashtags. Eventually, you will see a pattern of what you like and the style and furniture pieces you are drawn to! 

Love Warriors prints make up the majority of my artwork. I love the style, the story and message behind each print. You can read about this on their website before purchasing your prints. 

As for choosing artwork - it's such a personal thing, art! You just need to pick something that resonates with you, stirs an emotion or feeling when you look at it. 

Art really finishes off a space and completes a look - it's like the icing on a cake and can pull a room together. 

Picking the right sized artwork is like choosing the right size rug - you need to pick the right size to get the balance you need to finish the space. 




Should you consider different types of rugs for different spaces?


As I mentioned, research is the key to finding the right rug for your needs, style and purpose. Some textiles wear faster than others - so, these won't be ideal for high traffic areas. Most definitely. Research is the key to getting it right the first time! It can save you a lot of money in the long run. And let's face it! some rugs can be a big investment.

Jute - won’t be the best for wet areas as it takes so long to dry. But would look great in a lounge room, bedroom or even outdoor undercover area.

Wool is one of my favourite fibres and has so many benefits and can work in so many areas. But be mindful that long-haired wool rugs can “shed like crazy” So, this needs to be considered when choosing your ideal rug.

Rugs can help add texture, colour and help ground a space and give it purpose. They can be a cheaper solution to changing up a space without needing to do any big renovations.


For those who struggle with choosing the right rug for their home - what are your tips for people looking to find their perfect rug? What do they need to consider?

Consider the colour of your existing flooring, you don’t want the rug to get 'washed out', so popping a grey rug on a grey carpet might not be your first choice. Go for a contrasting colour or some pattern if the room is neutral. 

Picking the right size!!!! The biggest rug you can afford and can fit in the space is my biggest recommendation!  Size matters!



How does your lifestyle factors influence the type of rug you buy for your home?

We have Children and pets. With that in mind, I need to think of rugs that will work for us. Because let’s face it, kids make mess. So, even though I would love white rugs throughout my home, I know that’s never going to happen! Lol so I try and choose rugs with a fleck in their appearance as this helps hide dirt and stains.


Obviously, we’re a big believer in rugs to change a space - how do you feel rugs change your space and how have your rugs changed your space?

They have given my spaces totally different looks and feels. I love to change up my rugs depending on the season.

I use shaggy wool rugs to create that sense of cosiness and texture in winter. For Summer and Spring, I would use more of a short pile rug maybe a little pattern like in the Arsuk rug - I used this in summer and it gave my lounge room that vintage, clean contemporary look. But still marrying in with my Scandinavian vibe I love so much.

Lastly - are you coveting any new rugs from the Miss Amara Collection?

Apart from loving the WHOLE new collection. If I had to pick my 2 top fav’s it would hands down the Lulu Grey Diamond Shag Rug and the Alina Diamond Pattern Berber Rug.



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