Summer Rugs: How to find the right rug for warm climates

Summer Rugs

Nothing beats an Aussie summer! Long afternoons at the beach that roll into balmy evenings, sun-drenched barbeques and rose in the sunshine. *Sigh* we’re pretty damn lucky! It’s easy to see how our overabundance of sunshine has influenced our lifestyles but it also has a huge effect on how we design and decorate our homes, with rooms flooded with natural light and blurred boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

But when it comes to thinking about one the most important design pieces in your home (a rug of course!), it can sometimes be tricky to reconcile a hot climate with the traditional idea of a warm and cosy rug. However, a well-chosen rug can add design flair and comfort to your home all year round, even though those scorching Aussie summers.

January 27, 2019 by Alexandra Tanya