Basic Rug Maintenance and Care Tips On How to Clean A Rug At Home

Image by user15145147 from Freepik

Rug maintenance isn't just about keeping your living room looking good. It's also about extending the life of your rug and making sure it stays clean and healthy for you and your family. Think of a rug as a big investment – you want to protect that investment from wear, tear, and stains! 

Here are our top tips for keeping your rugs in the best condition:

Vacuum the rug often

Vacuuming removes dirt and dust that can stain and damage your rug, as well as reduces allergens in your home. You should vacuum your rug at least once a week to keep it looking clean and fresh.

To avoid damaging the fibres of your rugs:

  • Don't use an upright vacuum cleaner because you may end up pushing the dirt into the pile instead of pulling it out.
  • Don't brush or tug on the pile while vacuuming – this can cause pilling where the threads start coming loose from their backing material. 

Clean up spills immediately

If you have a spill on your rug, clean it immediately. Don't let stains set in. The best way to get rid of most liquid spills is by blotting with paper towels and then cleaning the area with a solution recommended by the manufacturer of your rug.

Rotate rugs regularly

You can avoid wear and tear on carpets by rotating them so that the traffic areas are in less visible places. This will also ensure they last longer since they won't be worn down in one area as much as another. Use a rug rotation schedule to determine when you need to rotate a particular carpet, so it stays looking good and lasts longer. 

Hopefully, the tips above have given you some ideas for keeping your rug clean. Just remember that rug cleaning is a process, and it’s not something that you can do once and be done with forever. You should expect to spend some time cleaning your rug regularly and deep-cleaning it at least twice a year if possible (or more often if necessary). 

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