How To Choose Your Bedroom Rug
Rugs are an essential piece to have in every bedroom! For starters, they provide a soft, warm surface underfoot, making it more comfortable to walk on, especially when you get out of bed in the morning! They also add an extra layer of insulation, helping to keep the room warm. 

(pictured: Alina rug) 

Imagine stepping onto our sumptuous Alina rug every day! We always like recommending rugs with an ultra-soft and fluffy pile in the bedroom. The longer fibres really add to that cosy feeling underfoot. 
Rugs can also enhance the overall decor of the bedroom. By adding colour, pattern, and texture. They can serve as a focal point or complement other design elements in the room. 

(pictured: Dayna rug)

Our Dayna rug features a beautiful high-low pattern. High-low in rugs refers to a design and texture technique where the rug's pile is intentionally made with varying heights, creating a multi-dimensional effect. This technique adds visual interest and a tactile experience to the rug. 

Who doesn't enjoy having a hot tea or coffee in bed? Our washable rugs are a great option for the bedroom, where accidents and spills can happen! Not only do you have the ease of machine washable fibres, but our washable rugs have an ultra-soft finish, which makes them an excellent option for the bedroom. 

(pictured: Veronique rug)

Our Veronique washable rug is a luxurious, machine washable and ultra-soft rug. Featuring a beautiful warm-toned palette, Veronique will add warmth and comfort to your bedroom. 

If you enjoy sitting or lying on the floor to read, play with children, or do exercise, a rug provides a comfortable surface for these activities. 

(pictured: Koa Playmat)

Our Koa playmat are the perfect cushioned landing for little feet (and big feet too). They feature a spongey texture that makes playtime so much more comfortable! 

Size is important! 

Not sure what size to choose? Let our easy rug placement guide help you! Read it here

Need more help? 

Did you know we offer a FREE styling service? 

We understand that a rug is a big purchase, so we wanted to offer a FREE styling service, so you can have confidence that interior stylists have selected the perfect rugs for your space. 

We also offer Risk-Free Shopping - customers get free delivery to try the rug at home, and if they don’t love it, they can return it for free. We exist to educate, inspire and encourage you to transform your space into a place that inspires happiness.