How To Flatten A New Rug: 3 Simple Ways To Get The Crease Out

A good rug is expensive, and you want it to last. Even if you recently bought new rugs in Brisbane, they'll still have wrinkles and creases that will only worsen as time goes by. But with a few simple steps, you can flatten those pesky creases and keep your rug looking clean and beautiful for years to come!

Method 1: Flatten a rug with heavy objects

If you have a wool rug, this method should be used with caution. Wool rugs are more likely to incur creases during the shipping process and can be damaged if left in an unfolded state for long periods. Once your rug is on a flat surface, place something heavy on top of it. Choose something that won’t damage the fibres or colours in your carpet, like a box filled with books or other similarly sized objects (just make sure not to use anything that could damage your rug). Let it rest for a few days so that gravity will do most of the work for you!

Method 2: Flatten a rug by steam cleaning

The second way to get the creases out of your rug is by steam cleaning. Steam cleaning involves using a special steamer, which will help remove the creases from your rug. This method works well for all types of rugs, but it's especially useful for thinner and more delicate rugs that other methods like ironing or heavy-duty vacuums can damage.

To use this method, you will need to purchase a good quality steam cleaner with a rotating brush attachment and low settings that won't harm your rug's fibres when used for long periods of time.

Method 3: Flatten a rug by laying it on the floor

This method is probably best for you if you don't have an iron or are afraid of using one. Simply lay the rug flat on a hard surface, like your floor or driveway. Put heavy objects on top of the rug to flatten it out, and leave it there for several days to ensure it stays flattened. Then remove all objects and vacuum up any debris that may have accumulated while flattening your rug!

If you take care of your rugs properly, they will last a long time. At Miss Amara, we have extraordinary rug options for homes, offices, and any other space you wish to personalise with a rug. Browse our collection today and choose the one that best suits your office space.