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Choosing a rug from Miss Amara just got even easier thanks to our new Virtual Rug Styler tool!

Being avid interiors shoppers ourselves, we know how hard it can sometimes be to choose items for our homes, especially when there are so many great options available and there’s a specific look we’re going for. We also know that rug shopping is no easy feat and we’re always trying our best to make the act of buying a rug easy, affordable and fun, one that adds something special to our customer’s lifestyle and interior.  We sometimes spend ages on our own site, loving each rug more than the one before and finding it impossible to pick “the one”!

Enter our Virtual Rug Styler tool, a recent addition to our website, that allows you to place a rug from our website into a photo of your room and then… to imagine the possibilities! If you love what you see, you can even save the image to your desktop or share the image with friends or partners (who, let’s be honest, might have a few faves of their own and need some convincing). Save one, save many, print it out and add it to your moodboard. We figured if it’s easier to see, it’s easier to choose something you will truly love.


Virtual Rug Styler Strip

Pick from the Dalvic Rug, Natchez, Alcati to Takoma and oh so many more. 


The best part is that you get to visualise a rug style in your home surrounded by your stuff. I mean, we’re the first to admit we’ve made a purchase based on a pretty picture, only to get home and find that it doesn’t quite look the way the picture did.  Well, our aim is that the Virtual Rug Styler tool will give you a better indication of what works for you (and for your stuff). 

The Virtual Rug Styler is available right now on our website - click here to get started in 3 easy steps. 

It might be all you need to wrap up your rug shopping quick smart but if not, there’s always our complimentary Try At Home service and our online Stylists who love guiding our customers to a rug that’s just right. Used together, we’re hoping our tools and services will make rug shopping even easier and way more fun than it’s ever been. That’s a big statement but if you remember that it can all be done from home while lazing on the couch… maybe with a glass of wine.

All that’s left to say is happy rug shopping!

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