Ready to play? Our memory foam mats were created for full on fun. Designed to be a super spongy soft landing for little feet (and big feet too!) Perfect for playtime or tummy time. They are velvety soft to the touch with a luxe-satin smooth finish.  Kid and pet-friendly rugs are here for you! Playmats are thick, plush yet lightweight with build-in underlays to keep the mat stay in place and safe for kids to move around.

Transform playtime into a delightful experience with our newest collection of super spongy Playmats. Crafted with memory foam, these mats offer a soft and secure landing, perfect for kids and parents alike as they roll, tumble, and explore in comfort.
Featuring a luxurious satin-smooth velvety finish, our Playmats provide an unparalleled tactile sensation. Designed for the bustling life of family and fur babies, these mats boast non-slip technology and stain-resistant properties, ensuring they're just as perfect for family homes as they are for homes with playful pets.
Explore the versatility and charm of our "Rollie Pollie Playmats" collection today! Connect seamlessly with our other rug collections to complete your space:
Elevate your space with Miss Amara, where style meets comfort for every member of the family.
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Fun times can be messy, but we got you! Our fabric is made 100% stain resistant polyester making it super easy to clean for those little accidents.

Care Instructions

  • Vaccum Friendly
  • if stained wip off and spot clean with damp cloth
  • Do not iron. Use steamer if necessary to remove creases.
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