We are beyond excited to be launching our very own collection!  

The new Miss Amara Collection embraces the traditions of age old weaving techniques, classic designs and delicious fibres to create a contemporary collection of rugs that prioritise timelessness but remain oh so trendy. And with each rug made by hand, the unique touch of each artisan is a part of the process that we hold dear. 

Six stunning capsules make up the Miss Amara CollectionAlpine, Natural, Wonderland, Tribe, Timeless and Lifestyle and each will be updated with new styles throughout the year.  Here’s a taste of what’s to come - and keep scrolling to find out more about pre-ordering.

















We have developed a wide range of styles to suit various interiors but that means our stock is limited! 

Miss Amara is now offering PRE-ORDER options for this special collection to ensure our loyal customers don’t miss a chance to buy the rug that you’ve been searching for!  

Pre-order means that the rug is guaranteed to arrive from our suppliers and not currently in our warehouse.

It’s designed to show you as many rug options as possible so that you can make the best choice for your life and your style. Please ensure that you are comfortable with the estimated delivery date listed and note it is subject to change.  

Our pre-order styles are updated regularly, so keep an eye out for stunning new styles that become available. 




We hope your style-savvy hearts are as excited as we are about our very
own Miss Amara Collection!  

Much Love!



February 10, 2019 by