Annalise Black Indoor Outdoor Runner *NO RETURNS UNLESS FAULTY

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Annalise Black and Ivory Abstract Tribal Indoor Outdoor Rug *NO RETURNS UNLESS FAULTY


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Mirabelle Black Indoor Outdoor Rug *NO RETURNS UNLESS FAULTY


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Oxana Cream and Black Tribal Picnic Rug *NO RETURNS UNLESS FAULTY


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Teyona Charcoal and Ivory Tribal Flatweave Indoor Outdoor Rug


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Chenoa Charcoal and Ivory Tribal Flatweave Indoor Outdoor Rug *NO RETURNS UNLESS FAULTY


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How to Find the Right Black And White Outdoor Rug

Are you thinking about a black and white outdoor rug for your balcony or patio? Whether you’re hosting a garden party or simply enjoying some well-deserved relaxation, the contrast of black and white creates a visually striking focal point. It’s also a great way to tie your outdoor decor together. Learn all about how to find the right outdoor rug for you with Miss Amara.


Rug Shopping

The Challenges of Buying Rugs Online

Are you dizzy from scrolling through thousands of options for a large black and white rug? We’ve been there and done that. Navigating the seemingly endless sea of rug options online can be quite a challenge. It can be overwhelming, but trust us, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


Miss Amara’s Rug Revolution

We at Miss Amara are here to tip the scales in your favour. With us, it’s less about a transaction and more about a transformation. 

We’re not just here to sell you a balcony rug or a black and white floor rug; we want to help you redefine your spaces, one rug at a time. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon barbecue or a relaxing breakfast on the patio, we have rugs that are ready for it all. Their timeless appeal can effortlessly transform your outdoor area into a welcoming, chic space.


The Allure of Black and White

The Charm of a Black and White Outdoor Rug

When styled correctly, a black and white outdoor rug is like a well-tailored tuxedo because it can exude an elegance that’s hard to ignore. They can add an air of sophistication to any outdoor area, creating a lovely visual display that’s easy on the eyes.


The Flexibility Factor

There’s something incredibly flexible about black and white. Whether your aesthetic is boho chic or minimalist modern, a black and white outdoor rug works like a dream. They can be the star of your outdoor decor or the perfect supporting cast, complimenting other colours without stealing their thunder.


Nailing Your Rug Purchase

Sizing It Up

First things first, let’s talk about size. Have you ever tried to cram a big square rug on a small round patio? Trust us, it’s a jigsaw puzzle you don’t want to solve. Whether it’s a snug balcony needing a small outdoor rug or a spacious deck calling for a larger layout, size really does matter.

When measuring your space, make sure to take into account not just your table but the chairs as well, so that at least the front legs are sitting on the rug.


Weathering It Well

When it comes to outdoor rugs for sale, the material makes all the difference. Whether it’s an outdoor runner weathering a storm or an outdoor carpet basking under the summer sun, the elements are no joke. Choosing the right material is key to ensuring your rug stands the test of time. 

From outdoor floor mats to elaborate rugs, the right fabric can mean the difference between a rug that says ‘Welcome!’ all year round and one that folds at the first sign of a weather tantrum.

You wouldn’t wear a raincoat in the Sahara, right? The same goes for your rug. If you live in an area prone to rainfall or snow, outdoor waterproof rugs or weatherproof rugs can brave the elements.


Pattern Play

When it comes to black and white outdoor rug designs, the patterns are the real show-stoppers. From bold geometric designs to delicate floral motifs, the options are as vast as your imagination. A beautifully patterned patio rug can be the conversation starter at your next gathering or the tranquil spot for your morning yoga. So go ahead, let your rug do the talking.


Level Up Your Outdoors with Miss Amara 

Miss Amara’s Rug Paradise

Why should you choose Miss Amara for your outdoor rug needs? Easy! We don’t just sell rugs; we spread joy. Hunting for a large black and white rug or a chic balcony rug? From patio rugs to all-weather outdoor rugs that laugh in the face of a storm, we’ve got ‘em all.


Styling Assistance

We have interior stylists with backgrounds in architecture ready to provide free, no-obligation styling advice. We’ve transformed over 10,000 spaces into dreamy settings, and yours could be next. Simply fill out our form, snap some pictures of your space, and let us know your specifications (Pets? Kids? High traffic?).

Shopping Perks

Anyone who’s ever tried to stuff an oversized rug into a hatchback knows it can be a pretty tight squeeze, but don’t worry. Whether you’ve been searching for outdoor rugs Melbourne-wide or the most durable rugs Sydney has to offer, Miss Amara offers free shipping nationwide. Plus, with our Try It At Home service, rug shopping is totally risk-free so you can have your cake and eat it too.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the key factors to consider when buying a black and white outdoor rug?

You have to consider size, material, and how well it plays with your space. Think about your patio size, your furniture setup, and traffic levels. Why get a doormat when an outdoor area rug can do a better job? Material-wise, you want UV-safe, outdoor waterproof rugs. And let’s not forget the style.


Can I find black and white outdoor rugs with non-slip backing for added safety?

Keen on rugs that won’t slip and slide? We’ve got plenty of options with non-slip backing. We know safety is a biggie, especially when you’ve got lively kids or sprightly pets around. So yes, we’ve made sure you can find a rug that stays put, come rain or shine.


What design options are available for black and white outdoor rugs?

Wondering what designs are up for grabs? From tribal to geometric, traditional to abstract, our black and white outdoor rug options come in a variety of designs. Whether you’re a minimalist maven or a pattern lover, there’s something for everyone in our collection. We can’t wait to help you find your perfect rug match.

Miss Amara: revolutionising your rug shopping experience

We know how much you love your rugs. But the daunting process of scouring the internet for the right option often ends with many of you jumping ship, tossing the idea of buying a rug into the ‘too hard’ basket. So, we decided to help.

If you’ve been looking for rustic rugs Perth locals love or waterproof rugs Adelaide has to offer, we’re changing the way you shop for rugs. Our mission is simple: to let your love for rugs grow without being hindered by complex shopping ordeals. Take the hassle out of rug shopping and browse Miss Amara’s collection today.