Meet Alex, the one of the founders of Miss Amara, a small business in Australia that specializes in selling rugs online. With over two degrees under her belt, one in Architecture and another in Property Economics, Alex has an exceptional eye for design and an understanding of how to make the most out of a space.

Although Alex accidentally fell into a tech job, she has since developed a passion for technology and its potential to create a seamless customer experience. Through Miss Amara, Alex has been able to marry her love for design and production with her expertise in app development for the real estate industry.

Alex's innovative approach to online rug sales has made her a prominent figure in the industry, with her business being featured in leading publications such as InStyle Australia, Mamamia, Home Beautiful, Daily Mail, and 9Now. Her knowledge and expertise in the field have also made her a sought-after guest on leading business podcasts.

Alex's commitment to elevating the customer experience when it comes to buying rugs is what sets Miss Amara apart from other online rug sellers. With her in-house interior experts providing free styling services and a risk-free return policy, customers can rest easy knowing that they're making the right decision. The virtual styling tool that uses augmented reality also allows customers to visualize how a rug will look in their space, making the process of buying a rug online easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Alex's extensive background in design, technology, and customer experience has established her as an authority in the rug industry. Her commitment to providing exceptional customer service and innovative solutions to common problems has earned her the social credibility that makes Miss Amara a household name.