Create Moodboards With Our Rug Styling Team

Creating moodboards is a practical and efficient way to organise ideas regarding interior planning. They allow you to try out different ideas and concepts and are a great visual tool when communicating and sharing your ideas with others. At Miss Amara we are pretty interiors obsessed, so it will be no surprise that we are VERY familiar with making moodboards. We love putting together new decor schemes with our rugs, and trying out different interior trends and ideas! 

Miss Amara elevates the usually daunting experience offering free styling services by in-house interior experts, a virtual rug styling tool that uses augmented reality to help customers visualise what a rug will look like in their space and a risk-free returns service.

Free styling advice! 

At Miss Amara we have on-hand professionals with interior, styling and architectural backgrounds (call them your Fairy Rug Mothers) to assist with all of your rug queries and provide advice. 

Our talented in-house rug stylists are on hand to guide you through your rug journey and help you find the perfect rug for your home. Whether you are doing a complete renovation or looking for a rug to match your existing decor, our styling will help you imagine and visualise how different rugs can look in your home. 

Some of our talented team have put together some moodboards of decor trends and styles they are loving right now, to show how some of our beautiful rugs work within the scheme. 

This trend embraces a mix of diverse styles, patterns, and textures, often incorporating lush and tropical elements to create a vibrant and dynamic living space. 

Eclectic design is characterised by the combination of various styles to create a diverse and visually interesting space. The "jungle" aspect introduces nature-inspired elements, such as tropical plants, botanical prints, and vibrant greenery. These elements contribute to a lush and lively atmosphere reminiscent of a jungle environment. Incorporating rich textures, such as woven materials, rattan, bamboo, and natural fibres, adds depth and visual interest to the eclectic jungle decor. These textures often complement the natural and organic feel of the jungle theme. The use of bold and exotic patterns, including animal prints, tropical motifs, and vibrant colours, contributes to the overall lively and energetic vibe of the space. 

This trend aims to create a contemporary and sophisticated living space with a coastal or beach-inspired theme.

A coastal modern chic interior often incorporates a soothing colour palette inspired by the coastal environment. Whites, sandy neutrals, and warm earthy tones are common choices to create a serene and airy atmosphere. To evoke a coastal vibe, natural materials such as light woods, rattan, bamboo, and jute may be used. These materials add warmth and texture while maintaining a connection to the coastal aesthetic. Chic and stylish accessories, such as contemporary artwork, and statement lighting fixtures, add a touch of sophistication to the space. The goal is to balance the relaxed coastal feel with a more polished and upscale look. 

Drawing inspiration from the design styles of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, and southern France. This style is characterised by a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the relaxed lifestyle of the Mediterranean region.

Earthy and warm tones dominate the colour palette, including shades of terracotta, sandy beige, rich yellows, and blues reminiscent of the sea. Whites and neutrals are often used to create a bright and airy feel. Mediterranean interiors feature architectural details that are characteristic of the region, including arched doorways, wrought iron balconies, and decorative tiles. These details add a sense of authenticity to the design. 

Need more help? 

Did you know we offer a FREE styling service? 

We understand that a rug is a big purchase, so we wanted to offer a FREE styling service, so you can have confidence that interior stylists have selected the perfect rugs for your space. 

We also offer Risk-Free Shopping - customers get free delivery to try the rug at home, and if they don’t love it, they can return it for free. We exist to educate, inspire and encourage you to transform your space into a place that inspires happiness.