Using Our Virtual Rug Styling Tool


Revolutionising the experience of buying rugs online, we are a design-led, Australian-owned rug brand modernising the business of carpets with sustainability, exclusive designs and customer experience. A purposeful story that goes far beyond exceptional interior solutions – but supports the entire shopping journey. We elevate the usually daunting experience by offering free styling services with our in-house interior experts, and a virtual rug styling (VRS) tool that uses augmented reality to help customers visualise what a rug will look like in their space, and a risk-free returns service. 

We developed our VRS tool that uses augmented reality to help customers visualise what any given rug will look like in any space in their home. By simply uploading an image of the area customers would like to add a rug, on screen they’ll be able to see any rug and try out different sizes too - just like magic!  

“You can have fun with our virtual rug styling tool by simply clicking on the "SEE THIS IN MY ROOM" tab at the bottom of each rug's picture! Upload the room photo. You also have the option of changing the size of the rug so you have a better idea of which one fits in your room best.”

Miss Amara Founder & Creative Director, Alexandra Tanya Weller.  

How our VRS tool can help you find your dream rug: 

ROOM VISUALIZATION: Upload a photo of your room to see how different rugs will look in your space.

RUG SELECTION: Browse and choose from our entire rug collections on our website.

SIZE AND PLACEMENT: Adjust the size and placement of the rug to see how it fits within your room's dimensions and furniture.

STYLE MATCHING: Explore different rug styles, patterns, and colours to find the best match for your existing decor.

SAVE AND SHARE: Save your virtual rug configurations for future reference or share them with others for feedback.

Let’s get started - Just 3 simple steps! 

Using our VRS tool is very quick and easy! In 3 simple steps, we can help you find the perfect rugs for your space and home!  

STEP 1: Choose a rug you love!
Scroll our Miss Amara website to find the one! 

STEP 2: Try it in your room!
Click on the “SEE THIS IN MY ROOM” button. 

STEP 3: Upload an image!
Test how different rugs and sizes look in your room. 

Need more help? Did you know we offer a FREE styling service? 

At Miss Amara we have on-hand professionals with interior, styling and architecture backgrounds (call them your Fairy Rug Mothers) to assist with all of your rug queries and provide all the advice you need! 

Simply send us some pictures of your space, and one of our online stylists will get back to you with some personalised rug selections for you and your space… just like magic! 

To get started or find out more about this FREE styling service, click here