Who caught House Rules last night?!

First couple to receive their home transformation, Fiona and Nicole were certainly not shy about their thoughts on cowhides – and that is that they hate them! So much so, that they placed a blanket ban on any contestants using a hide in any part of the house. 

This is not surprising as cowhides – much like coriander, have a way of polarising us.
On the one hand, they’ve been around forever, and just when we think they’ve officially had their moment, another blogger comes out of the woodwork to tell us that they are so “En Vogue” right now.

Our opinion? We actually don’t think they’ll ever go out of fashion – and like a wonderful leather piece, we love that a cowhide can actually look better with age. The irregular shapes and unique patterns, also lend a relaxed vibe.
Styled right, we absolutely love them 😛

Here’s a few ways you can style a cow hide to say less “Welcome to my Bach pad” and more “I’m a Stylish So & So”.

We adore this thrown together yet sophisticated cool setting. To try this at home layer an Embossed-Look rug with a complimentary hide that blends.   via Refinery25

Embossed Look Rugs:    


If you told me that you were laying down a cowhide to work in a Scandi Setting, I’d be the first to admit, confusion would be the first thing to set in!! via myscandiavianhome

But just to prove me wrong, these Scandi settings demonstrate indisputable, cow hide perfection!!


Get the look with Mendoza Champagne Brazilian Cow Hide – sadly out of stock at the moment but available for preorder.


Holy batman – how chic is this light cowhide and stark white backdrop. It’s hard to imagine this space with any other rug!! via mycosyretreat

To get this look, choose a hide with an overriding white theme, much like the Bauru or the Parana Salt & Pepper Hide available at https://missamara.com.au



Black out – at the same residence pictured below, we see the stark white interior this time, is paired with a black hide for high impact contrast in an otherwise muted setting. via mycosyretreat


A similar dark hide https://missamara.com.au/bluemenau-black-cow-hide-rug

So where do you stand on cowhides – Yay or Nay?