Lately we’ve seen designers use this technique everywhere – from bedrooms to lounge rooms to dining and I have to say – it’s unconventional yes, but I kind of love it!

I recall not so long ago when we shared some gorgeous examples of this trend on our Facebook page.

I was bursting to share these images with our followers – but I did not expect it to be so controversial! Some of you were extremely keen to tell me that this was a silly, silly trend, but much to my delight – there were also a good portion of you who were inspired!!

(I guess rug layering is like the Coriander of the Decorating World – you either love it, or hate it with a passion).

So hear me out!

Layering Rugs is a really a great way to showcase a hero rug (particularly if its a tad too small for your space) and add a more relaxed, eclectic vibe to your room.

So if you’re brave enough to give it a go, and you want to join #TEAMRUGLAYERING – here are some of our top tips:

1. Contrast is your Friend

Just like layering clothes, rug layering works well when you have one layer with complexity (our hero rug) paired with a more simple, contrasting layer.

Jute rugs are a great grounding rug, creating a base that can really lift a brighter, busier pattern.

Image Source: Amber Interiors

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2. Regular isn’t always best

Irregular shapes such as cowhide work a treat with rug layering! Your foundation rug will naturally create your zone which allows you to play around with placement of the top rug – angle and orientation.

Image Source: Hommemaker

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3. Keep it Simple

If you’re not as brave – stick to neutrals such as creams, whites or greys. Layering rugs will introduce different textural elements to an otherwise minimal space.

Image Credit: Interior Design Pro

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4. Last rule: There are no rules!

Take inspiration from this gorgeous apartment in San Paulo and multi-layer to your little hearts content!

Though the placement of the rugs is well – sort of haphazard!! The similar style and patterns of the rugs give this room a high end, luxe look. 
So if you’re experimenting with multiple patterned rugs try and stick to one colour theme or rug type, and make sure that the rest of your space is relatively neutral.

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Photo Credit: Fran Parente for Yatzer Architecture


Okay Guys – lastly just to show you that I practice what I preach I WAS brave enough to try this in my own home with an antique rug I’ve had forever and the Haiku Jute Rug on our site.

Whats the verdict?

STILL love it!! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always wanted to bring out this gorgeous old rug, but its always been too small for my space, so having a grounding rug has made this look work!

The jute rug acts like an underlay and has made the rugs together feel spongey and lovely underfoot.

I thought I’d share my space and you can make your own mind up, love? Or hate with a passion 🙂

(I won’t be offended either way)

Love and Light

Alex xxx

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