Rugs are an easy way to add colour and style to your home. But if you recently bought a rug online after looking up 'rugs Brisbane’, and it's sliding on the floor or moving around, it can be a challenge or even a safety risk. 

It's not hard to prevent rugs from sliding, though! With these tools, you'll have no problem keeping your rugs in place.


1. Gripper mats

Gripper mats are made of rubber or plastic and are used to stop rugs from moving on the carpet. They can also be used on hardwood floors and are easy to clean and reuse several times over, making them a more eco-friendly choice than other options that involve chemicals.

2. Rug tape

A rug tape is a thin, flexible tape that sticks to the floor and rug. It can be used on hard floors or carpet and can help hold rugs in place as they're laid down. It's easy to remove when you want to change your decor or move out of a home, so many people opt for this method over other options.

If you're looking for something more permanent, consider using double-sided carpet tape instead of rug tape; it will leave no residue once you pull it off the floor as well.

3. Carpet tacks or staples

Carpet tacks or staples are an excellent choice when you need to secure a rug over a carpet. The tool has a narrow metal strip with rounded heads that are meant to be inserted into the flooring and then pressed down to hold the rug in place. Unlike tack strips, carpet tacks have their own built-in adhesive backing so you can use them without an additional layer of tape or glue underneath your carpeting.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge on how to stop rugs moving on carpet; you can use gripper mats, rug tape, or even carpet tacks and staples to keep it in place. Looking for a fantastic high-quality rug for your home? Miss Amara offers an extensive selection of premium rugs in a range of colour and design options. Take a look at what we have in our shop now!

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