Our Team Go To The Latest Project With Three Birds Renovations


Located in The Hills District of Sydney, stands Three Birds Renovations latest project, House 16. House 16 is Erin’s family home, and the transformation it has taken from a tired 1990s suburban home to a stunning urban farmhouse is pretty spectacular! 

Over the years, Miss Amara has been the trusted go-to for rugs for countless Three Birds Renovations projects. We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Three Birds Renovations again on their latest House 16 project. Upon completion of the project, Alex, our Founder & Creative Director, and Sydney, our Content Manager, went to check out the stunning renovation and to see our beautiful rugs styled up and in their new home! 

“It was incredible to see a Three Birds Home in real life, super honoured with our rugs in this project too! There truly is something special and unique about their aesthetic and it blended so beautifully into an urban farmhouse vibe. And of course, to meet the ladies themselves, they were so down to earth and so welcoming to us.” Sydney, Miss Amara Content Manager 


Arguably one of the most important and used spaces in our home, first up we have our Vanni rug styled in Erin’s living room. Living areas are places where we relax, entertain and spend a lot of time together with family and friends. Three Birds Renovations styled our Vanni rug in Erin’s main living area. Our Vanni rug is a luxurious neutral wool rug in a fun and interesting curved shape. This unique shape works beautifully in Erin’s open-plan living area, giving it charm and interest. Opting for curved shapes adds balance to a space and is a great twist on a classic rectangle rug that we typically see styled in living spaces. 

“The Vanni rug was such a great showpiece for the living room and added such a unique shape to the space. It gave the area an elevated and luxe look with the smooth finish of the fibre. It’s an irregular shape for a rug and most would be scared and not know how to style but the ladies made it look so easy!” Sydney, Miss Amara Content Manager 


ADDS COMFORT & COSINESS: Rugs add a layer of softness and comfort to the floor, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the living room. They provide a comfortable surface for sitting, playing, or lounging.

WARMTH & INSULATION: During the colder months, rugs help to insulate the floor, preventing heat loss and making the living room warmer and more comfortable. This is especially beneficial if you have hard flooring surfaces like hardwood or tile.

DEFINES & ZONES AREAS: Rugs can define specific areas within an open-concept living space. For example, a rug can delineate the seating area in a large living room, helping to visually separate it from other areas like the dining or kitchen space.

NOISE REDUCTION: Rugs absorb sound, helping to reduce echoes and minimise noise in the living room. This is especially useful in homes with hard flooring surfaces that can amplify sound.

PERSONALISATION: Rugs allow for personalisation and expression of individual style. Whether you prefer a bold statement rug or a subtle, neutral one, there are countless options to match your taste.


Three Birds Renovations styled up our Ginta rug in one of the bedrooms. Handmade from 100% PET fibres, Ginta is a beautiful eco-friendly rug in a neutral tone. PET fibres are made from recycled plastic bottles and have the silky smooth feel of cotton underfoot, making it a great option for a bedroom! Adorned with braided tassels, Ginta completes the bedroom renovation perfectly. 

"The Ginta rug was an awesome addition to the bedroom, with its subtle texture and tone. So many people couldn’t believe it was an eco-friendly fibre made from recycled plastic bottles! They were so surprised at how soft and luxurious it looked for a rug that was durable enough to be used outdoors too! They didn’t know that light and easy-to-clean rugs existed!"  Sydney, Miss Amara Content Manager  


ADDS TEXTURE & COSINESS: Rugs add a layer of softness and comfort underfoot, providing a warm and cosy feel when stepping out of bed in the morning or when walking around the room. This enhances the overall comfort of the bedroom

WARMTH & INSULATION: In bedrooms with hard flooring surfaces like hardwood or tile, rugs help to insulate the floor, providing warmth and comfort, especially during colder seasons. This is particularly beneficial for creating a comfortable atmosphere in bedrooms.

NOISE REDUCTION: Rugs absorb sound and help reduce echoes, making the bedroom a quieter and more relaxing space. This is especially important for bedrooms located in multi-story homes or apartments.

AESTHETIC: Rugs contribute to the bedroom's overall aesthetic by adding colour, pattern, and texture. They can serve as a focal point, complementing the room's decor and tying together various design elements.


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