What Size Rug for King Bed: Choosing the Best Rug Size Underneath Your Bed

If you’re looking for a rug to go underneath your bed, but don’t know what size is best for you, this article can help! With our tips, you don’t have to endlessly look up ‘rugs Brisbane’ anymore for ideas anymore. Read on as we talk about how to choose the perfect size rug for a king bed and what other options might be available.

Rug Sizes

There are a few different measurements for rugs that you’ll want to be aware of. The most important one is the size of the rug measured in square feet; a king-size bed is 16 square feet, while a queen-size bed is 12 square feet and a full-size bed is 10 square feet.

Most importantly, you don’t want a rug larger than your room’s dimensions so that it doesn’t look awkward or out of place. For example: if you have an 8×10-foot bedroom with high ceilings, but then choose to put an 11×14 foot rug underneath your bed – something would definitely feel off. 

The Waterfall Method

The waterfall method is a simple way to find the right size rug for your bed. The first step in using this method is to measure the length of your mattress. You can do this by measuring from headboard to footboard or even all four corners of your mattress.

Next, measure how far down each side extends past where your feet will be when lying on it. These measurements will tell you how much space is needed between your pillows and rugs and they’ll also help determine how big an area rug should be so it fits underneath without getting scrunched up underneath too much!

Decide what size rug for king bed you would like.

Once you’ve determined the size of your bed, it’s time to choose a rug that fits the space. To do that, think about how much floor area you want to be covered and consider whether there will be any furniture on top of your rug. If so, consider getting a larger size than needed so that everything fits nicely together. 

Otherwise, if all of your furniture is going under or around the bed instead of over it – as is often the case with king beds – a smaller-sized rug will look just fine. You can also use two or more rugs together to create an interesting pattern in any space!

We hope that we’ve given you some great ideas for the size of rug you should choose to fit under your king-sized bed and made it easier for you to figure out what size rug for king bed is right for your room. The good news is that there are so many different styles, sizes and colours available for you here at Miss Amara! You can find one that matches perfectly with any décor or style you like so shop now!