Rug It Up: How To Place A Rug In Your Bedroom Like A Pro!

The placement and choice of a rug play an important role when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom space. Adding the right rug can bring warmth and cosiness to a drab, dull bedroom. You’ve probably figured out the answer to ‘Where to buy rugs near me?’ but now the question is, how do you know which rug will be best for your bedroom and where to position it?

With some helpful tips and tricks, you will be able to make a comfortable place to sleep in no time.

Choosing the right rug for your bedroom

It’s important to select a rug that fits the dimensions of the room and complements your furniture layout. If you have a large bedroom, opt for an oversized rug or two smaller rugs side by side. On the other hand, if you have a small space, consider buying a petite option or layering several smaller rugs together.

Next up is material. You’ll want something durable enough to handle daily foot traffic but that is also soft and comfortable underfoot. Popular options include wool, jute, cotton, and silk, or synthetic materials like polypropylene or nylon. Before you choose, think about how much maintenance each one needs. Some need to be cleaned more often than others.

Here’s where we get to the fun part, which is playing with colour and pattern. This is where you can really express yourself through texture and design elements like stripes or geometric shapes that bring personality into the room without overpowering it. 

When selecting colours, think about how they will work with existing pieces, such as wall art or curtains, so everything coordinates nicely.

Picking an appropriate rug for your sleeping area is critical to creating a setting that you’ll love. With careful consideration of size, material, and colour or pattern, you can find the perfect piece to complete your vision. Now let’s look at how to place it correctly within the room.

Placement tips for your bedroom rug

A rug can make all the difference in your bedroom if you place it in the right spot. An asymmetrical design might make better use of the space in the bedroom than putting a rug in the middle. The rug could be offset by furniture, or two smaller rugs could be placed next to each other.

Consider where you want attention to be directed, and let that guide your rug placement. To draw attention to a bed on one wall, place the rug at an angle or along two walls. If the bed is against one wall, place the rug at an angle or along both walls. 

Balance is also important when placing your bedroom rug. Start by measuring both sides of the room and then dividing each side into thirds. Place your rug in line with one of these divisions on either side of the room for maximum effect. This will create visual balance and harmony throughout your space while making sure everything looks proportional from any angle in the room.

A good rule of thumb is to measure how much space should be left between furniture legs and walls before buying any rugs. This way, you can ensure that there is enough clearance without overcrowding the area. 

When furnishing a cramped sleeping area, the proportions and form of the room must be taken into account. If possible, try to leave at least 6 inches of exposed floor around all sides of the rug for an aesthetically pleasing look. 

By following these placement tips for your bedroom rug, you can ensure that it fits in perfectly and doesn’t stick out awkwardly. Now let’s explore some creative ways to style your bedroom rug and add a unique touch to any space. 

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: When thinking about bedroom rug placement, consider where in the room you’d like to draw attention. Symmetry, measurements, and the bedroom’s existing style should also be considered.

Creative ways to style your bedroom rug

Here’s how to choose the right rug style, colour, and combination to freshen up your bedroom. 

Layering rugs of different sizes and colours can give a bedroom a truly unique look. Start with a larger neutral-coloured base rug that will anchor the room, then layer on smaller accent rugs in different colours and patterns for an eclectic look. Try mixing textures like shaggy wool or jute with softer materials like velvet or cotton for an eye-catching effect.

If you’ve ever wondered how to choose rug colour for living room, chances are you’re wondering the same thing for your bedroom. Creating a focal point with a bold design can be another great way to spruce up your bedroom decor. 

Choose one statement piece, such as an oversized patterned rug, and use it as the centre of attention in the room by positioning furniture around it. This method is especially helpful if you have a limited wall area or want to divert attention away from other components in the room.

Finally, don’t forget that you can use rugs to define different areas of the room. If you have an open plan layout, try layering two separate area rugs side by side – one for each distinct zone. If you don’t have a lot of floor space but still want to separate different parts of your bedroom, choose low-profile flat-weave carpets instead. These are great for separating a room while still making it feel open and roomy.

With these creative ways to style your bedroom rug, you can transform the look of any room. To ensure your rug maintains its pristine condition, here are some helpful maintenance tips.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Make the most of your new bedroom rug by layering it with rugs of different sizes, using it to direct attention to a focal point, or separating different areas of your bedroom with it.

Maintenance tips to keep your rug looking good as new

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your bedroom rug looks its best for years to come. Vacuuming regularly is key to keeping your rug looking its best over time. Aim to vacuum once a week at minimum, more often if you have pets or children who tend to track in extra dirt and grime on their shoes. 

If you’re likely to search up ‘How to stop dog from peeing on rug?’ or ‘How to get stains out of rugs?’ know that spot-cleaning any liquid damage as soon as it happens with a damp cloth is important; this will help prevent staining and make sure your rug stays looking fresh across the entire surface area. Also, if you turn your bedroom rug every few months, it will wear evenly over the whole surface. No one wants an unevenly worn-out carpet! 

Finally, take your bedroom rug outside periodically (when weather permits) and give it a good beating with an old broom handle to dislodge any deep-seated dirt or debris that vacuuming couldn’t reach. Not only does this method provide peace of mind, but it’s also a great answer to how to flatten a rug.

You can also ask for maintenance tips from the retailer who sold you the rug, which you likely found by typing in terms like ‘where to buy rugs Sydney’ or ‘best rugs in Melbourne’. 

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your bedroom rug looking beautiful for longer.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Regular maintenance via vacuuming, spot-cleaning, rotating, and taking your rug outside will help keep your rug clean and fresh for longer-term use.


Make your bedroom cosier with the right rug placement

No matter how big or small your bedroom is, it’s essential to find and put down the right rug to make it feel cosy. With our tips on choosing, placement, styling, and maintenance, you can create an inviting space that looks great. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between form and function.

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